Office Carpet and Deep Cleaning

Working in an office environment can sometimes be quite stressful and unpleasant. Keeping up with the cleanliness of your work area is most of the time a difficult task to complete, especially on a daily basis, but it sure does change the entire atmosphere in the office space. ,,Number One Carpet Cleaning” is proud of its ability to provide all its clients with the best office cleaning services in London. We have a lot of experience in the industry and therefore our company has managed to keep up-to date with all the changes and improvements in this service-based market. Our technicians are certified in this certain working area and are capable of completing all the specific cleaning tasks we offer.

The appearance of one office building is as important as the work being done in its premises. The freshness of the office is always a must and the hygiene of the space is a top priority, both for our customers and for us. Cleaning offices should not be just another mundane chore, but a daily reminder that the look of your workspace has the power to influence and determine the efficiency of your labor.

Office Cleaning

What does Office Cleaning consist of?

Office cleaning is an hourly-based service, which means that we charge our clients per hour, but if the office cleaners don’t manage to finish all work on time, you can easily schedule extra work time.

The daily office cleaning service includes all cleaning procedures needed for an in-depth cleaning session. We always make sure to co-operate with the customer to be sure that the technicians are going to achieve the main cleaning goals.

The common service consists of:

  • Dusting all surfaces, which are prone to collecting more dirt like desks, bookshelves, cupboards
  • Vacuuming the entire flooring and the rugs or carpets located in the area
  • Mopping of the hard floors
  • Windows cleaning (which also includes taking care of all the window frame compartments like sills, ledges etc.)
  • Lavatory cleaning – sanitation of the sinks, floors and toilets
  • Disposal of all trash bins

If the type of cleaning operation you need for your office is not mentioned in this list, please do ask our customer service representative, whether we can fulfill your wishes or not!

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Why should you maintain the office in good condition?

The consistent maintenance of any working space is a reflection of the people working in it and the representation of the company itself. The spotless display of such a facility is a key component of the image of one team’s work principles. This shows the amount of care and effort all employees put in their daily tasks. A well preserved condition of any room proves to be linked to higher levels of hygiene and the elimination of any illness risks. Having a healthy environment means that there is a decently high level of happiness in your office, which always indicates more productivity. Sick employees may cost you much more than a regular office clean, which sounds like a good enough reason for any boss to create a cleaning schedule for his office. The regular maintenance leads to extension of the lifespan of all flooring, furniture and office equipment. It has been proven that decluttering improves the mood and the lack of mess means no stress! If your entire staff is grumpy and inadequate, how do you expect the potential business clients walking in that office to be otherwise?

Office carpet cleaning

Why is it important to steam clean your office carpets?

Carpets are a staple piece in any indoor area – they contribute to the atmosphere and the aesthetic of one room. But they do need a proper cleaning routine in order to look their best. Carpet cleaning for offices is just as important as cleaning carpets at home. Taking care of your carpets does not only make them look neater, as if they were brand new, but it also affects the quality of your indoor air condition. All carpet materials are prone to collecting immense amounts of bacteria in their fibers, which makes it easier for germs to spread around and be the reason for most of your health issues. By giving your carpets extra attention, you will not only improve the overall display of your office, but you will also prevent the further distribution of allergens and contagious diseases.

If you have been wondering what is the best way to clean carpets professionally, our answer for you is – steam cleaning. Commercial carpet cleaning is serious work and our company believes that in order to provide our customers with the most satisfactory results, we are going to use environmentally safe cleaning methods, which involve only eco-friendly detergents.

How we steam clean carpets?

Steam cleaning carpets has never been more accessible than these days. Shampooing is our favourite cleaning approach, because it disinfects and removes the unwanted stains. But be aware that you should always check the tag of rug or your carpet and be sure that this cleaning procedure won’t be harmful to it. If it is made out of a very delicate and uncommon carpet fabric, then we will find a different cleaning solution.

When we carry out the steam cleaning service, we start by vacuuming the area, which is about to be treated. Then we put the hot water extraction machine into action, which sprays shampoo under very high pressure and then immediately ejects all the grime back. That way the carpet undergoes a deep cleaning session and leaves the surface blemish-free. Keep in mind that the carpets will be slightly damp after the shampooing.

Our company is also very experienced in upholstery cleaning, which is a great addition to our selection of services. This means that we can take proper care of any upholstery fabric, including leather.

What else?

Office cleaning in London is no longer just a dream, because "Number One Carpet Cleaning" is here to help you! As you can tell, we are ready to take immediate action and provide you with budget-friendly and efficient business carpet cleaning services, too. The office should never be a boring place to be in, one should feel the creative vibe of this space. In order to do that, the workspace should always radiate freshness and be in an immaculate condition. That is why the commercial carpet cleaning we do in London is so appreciated by all business owners.

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Specialized Office Carpet cleaning services give you


Outstanding cleaning performance with longer lasting results


Your office will look better, and smell better, for longer.


Great value for money by extending the life of your carpets and furnishings


A healthier environment for you and your employees with the reduction of allergens, pollutants and bacteria

Our Best Carpet Cleaning Process

We will move furniture where possible like tables, chairs etc. Anything that if flat on the carpet we will suggest to not be moved as the carpet won`t be able to dry properly underneath.
We will pre-spray the carpets with the appropriate chemicals and to help to loosen dirt and stains.
The method known as steam cleaning. The machines spray hot water into the carpets and extracts it right back. This way the water circulate through the carpets, dissolves and extracts all dirt, bacteria and leaves in in dirt and chemicals free state.
Where necessary we will treat every stain individually wit the appropriate stain removal chemical
Our Phenomenal Nano Protection is available as extra option for you now. This will provide you protection for your carpet until the next time we clean it. You can easily mop up spillages and it will prolong the life of the carpet as well as no grit will adhere to the fibres and wear it out through its grinding action. In our professional opinion this last step is a must in order to prevent spills set deep in. Scotch guarding will be charged separately.
After that thorough carpet cleaning for a perfect finish of your carpets we will gently spray antibacterial carpet deodorant which will dry off on your carpet and will keep its fresh aroma for weeks.

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