Removing old stains from a wool carpet Clapham SW4


The carpets at our home accumulate tons of bacteria, dust and all other types of filth on a daily basis. Although it would be impossible to prevent dirt from appearing on our floors, we can at least try to clean them more regularly in an attempt to improve the level of hygiene indoors. But all carpet owners are so dedicated to maintaining their carpeting clean. Occasional spills and accidental pet urine issues are the nemesis of any carpet material - they must be immediately treated, in order to reduce the chances of long term damage. Negligence, however, is what sabotages the effective removal of severe staining.

We at “Number One Carpet Cleaning” have dealt with removing old stubborn stains from carpets on multiple occasions and have therefore come up with the best way to retrieve the spotless look of any carpeting.

How to get old stains out of wool carpet?

Old carpet stains are usually treated with detergents containing harsh chemicals, which could ruin your carpet’s fibres and even cause severe discoloration. Most often people don’t even bother checking what the material of their carpeting is and proceed with random stain removal techniques, which could be detrimental to the condition of the floor covering. That’s why one should always contact a professional carpet cleaner when having doubts about their personal cleaning possibilities in such circumstances.

old stain on carpet in Clapham
carpet after deep cleaning in Clapham
cleaned carpet

Our carpet cleaning company in Clapham SW4 was hired to complete a stain removal service on a wool carpet, which was severely stained. The numerous blemishes looked like a surrealistic painting - different colours were layered on top of each other thus forming large and very stubborn stains. This mess had been on the floor for quite some time and it had become more and more apparent that a solution for their elimination finally had to be found.

The professional carpet cleaners in Clapham knew that the wool had to be treated with more gentle agents, that’s why a special stain removal shampoo was applied over the entire problematic area. The hot water machine was also put to use on a lower moisture setting, so that the wool fibres weren’t being damaged. This procedure had to be repeated due to the difficulty of getting all the smut out of the carpet. Fortunately, the end result was satisfactory and we even managed to apply stain protector upon the customer's request.

Professional stain removal services for wool carpets in Clapham

“Number One Carpet Cleaning” is capable of removing all types of stains with the help of our advanced equipment and of course, experienced carpet cleaners in Clapham SW4.

Read more about our carpet cleaning services in Clapham and get in touch with us if you wish to have your wool carpet cleaned by the most reliable and competent local carpet cleaners!