Professional Oven Cleaning in London

Number One Cleaning offers a comprehensive oven deep cleaning service not only for domestic, but for commercial kitchens as well.

Why do you have to clean your oven?

According to major oven manufacturers cooking appliances should be deeply cleaned once every 3 to 6 months depending on usage. If such care is not taken germs and bacteria are likely to develop as a result and may lead to food poisoning and health hazards. On the other hand the oven itself is prone to malfunction if grease and dirt build up.

Our technicians are trained to provide a thorough cleaning service whilst taking the best care to safeguard your wellbeing.

How do Professional Oven Cleaners clean Ovens?

The first thing we do when we start a clean is to cover the immediate surroundings with protective sheets. Then we will carefully disassemble the glass door and all of the removable internal parts of the oven. The internal area of the oven would be then carefully cleaned by hand with the proper brushes and tools. Once the internal part is cleaned and the dismantled parts rinsed we will assemble the oven and wipe it externally.

We can also take care of your hob, range hood and splashback, the microwave or the fridge in your household.

Once we are done with the cleaning, make sure you burn the oven empty for about 10-15 minutes. The detergents that we use are eco friendly and non toxic, though we always recommend that to make sure that any residue has been burned completely.

How much does Professional Oven Cleaning cost?

Size of the OvenPrice
Single Oven£60.00
Doube Oven£75.00
Range Cooker£105.00
AGASite visit required
Washing Machine£15.00
Please note that parking and road charges are not included in the price. Minimum call-out charge of £75.00 applies.
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Oven Cleaning London

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