What not to do when treating a pet stain on rug


The furry friends, which reside in our homes and are indeed considered family members can sometimes create immense amounts of chaos. Some dogs are just very playful and can’t help but rearrange some of the decor pieces or even add their own taste of style by transforming our upholstered furniture. Needless to say, the list can go on uninterruptedly, however the one sanitary mishap which is very unpleasant to deal with is pet urine stains on your rugs. That’s when “Number One Carpet Cleaning” will gladly provide its cleaning services.

How did we cleaned already treated pet urine stains from a carpet on our last job in Fulham?

Usually, whenever pet owners encounter any urine accidents, they first try to solve the issue themselves. And although some may claim that they’ve successfully cleaned such blemishes from their floor coverings, it’s not guaranteed that they’ve treated their rug properly. Sooner or later the untreated odour could become more disturbing and harder to remove with generic products. That’s why it’s always better to get advice from professional carpet cleaners or even hire them to treat the pet stains with the suitable solvents and tools.

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big pet stain on a rug in Fulham
pet urine on a rug - recent job in Fulham - cleaned

One of our recent clients in Fulham had experienced a similar accident - their pet had nonchalantly peed on one of their rugs and they were left to deal with the sanitary repercussions. They were eager to try solving the problem themselves by using a cleaning product they purchased from an online store. Sure, the label promised fast and spotless results, but the reality completely struck these false statements. Instead of eliminating the pet stain, that detergent turned the wool fibres orange. At that point the rug was in dire need of professional treatment.

The customer booked a professional pet stain removal service in Fulham SW6. Upon inspection of the problematic rug areas our professional rug cleaners decided to use a detergent with a more gentle formula suitable for wool materials. The appearance of the rug was somewhat improved but that chemically induced colour change had already damaged the fibres. Unfortunately, that was the ill fate of the rug. This story is a great example that it’s always better to simply blot away the remaining urine and then hire a professional rug cleaning company for assistance.

Professional pet stain removal services in Fulham SW6

If you don’t want to make the same mistake our clients did, then contact our rug cleaners in Fulham to get a free quote and book the most appropriate service for your circumstances.