Removing pet urine from a wool carpet in Wimbledon SW19


Having a pet at home can be very demanding, especially if your four legged tenant doesn’t always comply with the house rules, which may sometimes make us rethink both our “pet parenting” skills and some interior design choices. Wool carpets may have once seemed like a great option for carpeting, but after they encounter sanitary mishaps like pet urine, we realise that we’re not prepared to treat them correctly.

Dealing with Pet urine on a wool carpet

Whenever we accommodate a new family member from the furry kind at home, it is inevitable to experience carpet staining and smell problems. Not only is the pet going to create a mess more than once during its residency at your home but you can also never be sure what the damage could be. And since pets do like carpeting, because they get to lay on a soft and cozy surface, it can be harder to upkeep the condition of the carpet, especially if it’s made from a natural material like wool.

Check out how we provide professional pet stain removal service.

stained carpet
carpet after cleaning

A worried lady contacted “Number One Carpet Cleaning” because she wasn’t able to properly deal with a big pet urine stain on her wool carpet. The carpet cleaner who had previously done all the regular carpet cleaning services wasn’t able to eliminate the unwanted staining and so the lady knew that it was time to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to do the job.

Pet urine removal from a wool carpet

The carpeted area was cleaned with a vacuum machine, so that no additional dirt would get in the way of efficiently eliminating the stain. Our professional carpet cleaners in Wimbledon are trained to perform advanced carpet cleaning procedures, which is why they were equipped with the right detergents and machinery. After the stain was pre-treated with a special solvent, the steam cleaning machine was able to extract all the build up staining from the carpet fibres. Since the staining was quite severe, we had to repeat applying the blemish urine removal detergent and at the end a satisfactory result was achieved.

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