Pet Urine Carpet Restoration in Hammersmith W6


Pets are honorary family members, which never fail to amaze us with their attitude and quirky everyday habits, however they can be very high maintenance, especially if not fully trained to abide by certain home rules. It may be hard to teach your fluffy friend what to and not to do when they’re indoors, but it’s definitely more unpleasant to constantly have to clean up the mess they make. Potty training is probably the most significant process of breaking into any home, which is why there are also many distressing sanitary consequences the pet owner has to deal with. Puppies and kitties may be terribly cute but guess what their urine can also cause some terrible carpet damage, which is to be treated only by professional carpet cleaners.

Cleaning pet urine from carpet

The professional carpet cleaning company “Number One Carpet Cleaning” has operated on many sites throughout London and has therefore served people with all kinds of carpet cleaning problems. A very common reason for customers to hire a professional to assist with the upkeep of their carpets is sanitary mishaps caused by pets. The most recent case we had to deal with is the perfect example as to why it is important to have your carpets professionally treated after pet urine accidents.

pet stains on carpet

A landlord in Hammersmith W6 had a tenant whose little puppy made a mess on the carpeting in the property and they couldn’t get rid of the smell. Although our customer blamed the tenant for their irresponsibility with their four-legged creature, the pet owner insisted that the smell had been caused by the cat of the previous tenant.

We immediately sent one of our professional carpet cleaners in Hammersmith to help solve the odd situation. After thorough inspection with a UV light the technician stated that there were both older and more recent pet urine stains on the carpet but due to the use of regular store bought products the carpet had started to smell really bad.

With the help of a special chemical mixture the disgusting pet urine odour was neutralised and the urine stains were gradually removed from the depths of the carpet. This procedure was a total success because not only did our carpet cleaner manage to eliminate the mishaps created by the pets but they also completed the regular professional carpet cleaning service which restored the initial freshness of the carpet.

Pet urine stain removal services Hammersmith W6

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