Pet urine stain removal from carpet in Chelsea SW10


Having a pet may be one of the most desired experiences for people of all ages and it has indeed become more common to have a four legged furry friend at your very home. Taking care of a pet is, however, more challenging than expected due to the different circumstances you may encounter along the way of domesticating and training the animal. During these times not only will your patience and dedication be tested but every furniture piece at your home will also have to prove its resilience.

Pet urine removal from carpet

A young couple had welcomed a mini dachshund puppy at their home and had started to “potty” train their new pet, without realising that it would be a challenging and time-consuming process. Needless to say the puppy had accidentally peed on one of their carpets on multiple occasions, which at first didn’t seem like a big deal but eventually raised some concerns due to the unpleasant smell and staining.

This customer of ours decided to finally take action and contact “Number One Carpet Cleaning” Chelsea SW10 and our team arrived at their home to inspect the affected carpet. After the free inspection, we decided that it was best to come the next day and proceed with the professional pet stain removing service.

stains from pet on carpet
carpet after cleaning

How we clean pet urine from carpet

Although the client had already tried to deal with the pet urine smell with various chemicals and other store bought solutions, there was no efficient outcome. Our carpet cleaners in Chelsea SW10 were prepared to tackle the urine odour and blemishes with reliable tools and effective eco-friendly detergents. At first we vacuumed the whole carpet and then we applied the special solution, which would eliminate the leftover pet urine blemishes and smells. The hot water extraction machine was used to steam clean the surface and give it the deep cleaning procedure it was in dire need of.

After we had completed our job, the customer was more than satisfied with the “transformation” of their carpet and the regained freshness of the indoor space.

Hire professional carpet cleaners in Chelsea SW10

Don’t underestimate the small accidents your pet can have in the process of training them how to behave indoors. Having a smelly carpet is never a pleasant experience, regardless of how much you love your pet.

Call “Number One Carpet Cleaning” Chelsea on 020 3026 0355 and say goodbye to the pet urine odour and stains from your carpets!