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Pet Urine Stain Removal

Everybody loves their pets. Our dogs and cats are true friends. Always here to help us through various challenges and brighten up our day. On the other hand no one loves when an accident occurs within the household. Owners of newborn puppies are familiar with the issue, but it could happen to an elderly dog as well. Unfortunately rugs, carpets and upholstery are probably the worst places for your beloved pet to have an accident. Not only do pet owners have to deal with the dog urine stains on the carpet, but they have to get rid of the dog urine smell, too.

But there is no need to worry about this or to get mad at your dog or cat, because that's exactly when "Number One Carpet Cleaning" steps in to help out, so that you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Leave this job to us - the professionals in this field!

What can pet urine do to my carpets?

Urine mainly contains urea, urobilin, cholesterol and uric acid. Ammonia is responsible for the bad smell left after the accident. Urine does not stay on the carpet or rug. It penetrates the fabric and reaches the floor beneath. As it dries, the fluid will evaporate, but the urine crystals will stay and will become considerably concentrated. Furthermore, damaging your fabrics, it may cause damage to the floor as well.

Strong smell and visible stains are just a portion of the issues you will encounter, if pet accidents of this sort occur on the carpet or a sofa and you are hesitant to take immediate actions.

Individuals in good health don't seem to be affected at large by the secondary effect of pet urine stains. However you may encounter sinusit, watery eyes or you can even develop different and dangerous allergies when you postpone removing dog urine odor. If that just sounds “a bit uncomfortable” to you, these effects are worse for toddlers, elderly people or anyone with a weak immune system.

We would suggest that you avoid cleaning those stains by yourself. It is a job for a professional pet urine cleaner, equipped with the proper detergents and tools. Dogs and cats usually urinate on the same spot - this is how they mark their territory. Do not use cleaning products from the local shops - they will cover the dog pee smell for you, but will definitely not fool your pets. Most likely they will urinate again on the same spot to overpower the new smell. Bear in mind the visible part of a pet stain on any fabric material is not its actual size - usually the urine stains seem smaller on the surface, while they're a couple times bigger below the surface and can even damage or hardwood floors underneath .

"Number One Carpet Cleaning" will help you get rid of any pet stains

We at "Number One Carpet Cleaning" provide a specialised pet urine stain removal service. The difference between us and other companies is our experience, equipment, cleaning products and last but not least the passion we work with to meet even the highest expectations of our customers.

Experience - We have dealt with urine stain removal from carpet and upholstery hundreds of times and have tested various techniques and chemicals until we got to the point where we can confidently say, that we are experts in removing all kinds of pet stains, including cat pee carpet blemishes and all consequent urine odors.

Machinery - Such treatments require extreme extraction power so all remaining liquids and the dissolved ones from chemicals can be completely removed . For this reason we have to equip ourselves with the right tools for the job.

Detergents and chemicals - One of the most important things when dealing with stains of such a nature is having the right solvents to treat them properly. For a long time we have tried different brands that provided such chemicals and we have had some results which were never up to our standards. Recently we have found the right product and started to supply directly from US manufacturers and treatment became easy and fast whilst carrying perfect results each time.

How do we perform our pet urine stain removal services?

Our first goal is to assess the situation and find the exact location of the stain using an ultraviolet light source. Once the pet stain is located our next step is to replicate the incident using specific detergent and leave it to settle for a moment. Pressure is then applied to the stained patch, as such pet stains are larger at the base of the carpet, than at the surface entry points and we need to be sure that the cleaning solution is applied properly to cover the full extent of the soilage. A Subsurface cleaning tool is then used to extract and flush the urine stain out. The counter rotating soft brushes are delicate and do not damage the fabrics. It is imperative that the stains are treated the right way before the actual cleaning. What follows after the stain treatment procedure is completed, is the actual Hot Water Extraction cleaning (using a steam cleaner). That way a second set of detergents will be imbued throughout the carpets and we will extract back all of the chemicals used in the stain treatment stage along with any dirt, grime and bacteria.

At the end we spray with deodorizer which is a great odor remover and will leave the carpet with a fresh scent. Drying time will be as long as 4-6 hours after the professional carpet cleaner has finished the job.

We highly recommend taking advantage of our phenomenal nano protection, which will safeguard from future stains to penetrate into the fabric. If such a stain protector is applied all spillages on the carpet, rug or sofa can be just wiped with a cloth.

Rug Cleaning Pickup and Delivery for removing Pet Stains

For your convenience we offer rug collection and delivery cleaning service. Our team will drop by, take your rugs and deep clean them in our facility to make sure even the most stubborn stains are completely removed. Then we will return the rug at your place in near to a brand new condition.

Stop scrolling through the "pet urine services near me" or the "carpet cleaning near me" results and contact "Number One Carpet Cleaning"'s professional pet urine carpet cleaners, who are ready to eliminate any cat or dog urine stain and the unpleasant dog urine odor.

We highly recommend calling us as soon as possible after the incident occurs - the sooner the better. But even if the stain is old and already dried our best pet carpet cleaner can still take care of it - just give us a call on 020 3632 3212 or reach us via the contact form.

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