Professional Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are an essential part of almost every room and home thus the appropriate cleaning is very important. Professional Curtains cleaning is not very straightforward service as curtains come in all types of materials and colors. Certain Knowledge and Experience is needed to provide great and safe curtain cleaning.

Steam Curtain Cleaning

Hot water curtain cleaning or Steam Cleaning is the most effective cleaning method for your curtains. This cleaning method removes all built up dust and bad smells from dirty outside air. Using steam cleaning for your curtains can even remove bad stains such as wine and coffee. Very efficient and very convenient method as the curtains are cleaned and dried while hanging on the rails in your home. The reason that steam cleaning curtains is so successful is that by using hot water extraction machine all dirt from the curtains will be extracted. Curtains will dry for around 90 minutes.

*Steam Curtain cleaning can be performed on synthetic and some natural fabrics.

Dry Curtain Cleaning

For natural and man-made fine fabric curtains the only solution is Dry Solvent Curtains Cleaning. Cleaning silk curtains for example is an extremely specialized service. The lasted fabric in luxury curtains manufacturing are viscose, cotton, rayon, acrylic, linen and silk. Dry Curtains Cleaning is safe cleaning method for cleaning fine fabric curtains it uses similar chemicals to the once used in dry cleaning shops with a specialized equipment that yet again allow the professional upholstery cleaning specialist to clean your curtains while hanging on the rails in your home. The dry-cleaning process prevents the fabrics to shrink. However bear in mind that some stains may be harder or impossible to be cleaned from your fine fabric curtain.

Curtains, Blinds and Drapes are great part of our home’s interior but also a filter for the dirty air coming through our windows especially in a city like London. That`s why regular maintenance and professional cleaning is required to keep it nice looking and free of dust and bacteria. To find out what is the best curtain cleaning method for the curtains in your home get in touch with our team and we will be happy to help.

When choosing to use Number One Carpet Cleaning Professional Curtains Cleaning Services you can benefit from:

  • Free home visit/survey
  • Pre-test on material and colour bleeding
  • Safe and Professional Cleaning Methods
  • Curtains Cleaning Stain Removal
  • Free advice and guidance on how to maintain your curtains

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