Cleaning a red wine stain from a custom made rug in Central London


Only those who cherish the appeal of indoor decoration know how hard it is to furnish one place in a way which satisfies your taste in aesthetics. And although for the outside person details may not be of great importance when entering a room, every ornament and piece of furniture come together to create an atmosphere, which would exude comfortability and authenticity.

That’s why custom made rugs play such a big role in the overall appeal of one space - they’re unusual, unique and certainly know how to bring attention to someone’s feet. But sometimes looking too much in the wrong direction may cause unpleasant accidents like spilling your beverage on the beautiful floor covering.

Stain removal from a custom made rug

“Number One Carpet Cleaning” is a professional rug cleaning company in Central London which has been hired multiple times to work on removing stains from all types of floor coverings. This experience has taught our rug cleaners to be very skillful in their duties and deliver the desired results.

In order to prove how good our rug cleaners are, we shall share a story of our professional practice. The owner of a private club in Central London had contacted us a while back because they were in dire need of professional help. Since the club was decorated with authentic and one of a kind pieces, it was very important to keep the indoor decor in good condition. However, a cocktail gathering had led to an unfortunate spillage of red wine over one of the custom made rugs.

red wine stains on a custom made rug

Thankfully, no action was undertaken and the stain was still untouched or made worse. As soon as we arrived on location, the rug was inspected. The tricky part with custom made floor covering is that most often they’re made out of different materials, which could react differently to the regular cleaning treatment. After it was made clear that the rug material wasn’t too delicate, the extra moisture was blotted away and the special stain removing concentrate was applied.

The hot water extraction machine was also used to finalise the procedure by ejecting all the dye from the rug fibres. This step helped remove the red wine staining completely.

How to hire commercial rug cleaners in Central London?

If you too are a proud owner of a custom made floor covering, but you don’t want to jinx its appearance or ruin its fine fibres, then you should contact “Number One Carpet Cleaning” here to secure both a professional rug cleaning service and the life of your unique rug.