Removing red wine stain from a wool rug in Chiswick W4


It is a truth universally acknowledged that the taste of wine gets better with age, however the stains any type of wine could cause are indeed harder to eliminate as time goes by. Not only do people overlook such sanitary mishaps but they also don’t realise that the wine staining won’t disappear by rubbing a regular store bought detergent into the affected area.

Rug stain removal services Chiswick W4

A young couple contacted “Number One Carpet Cleaning” to book a professional rug stain removal service in Chiswick W4, because they had been dealing with a stubborn red wine stain on their wool rug for half a year and had finally decided to seek professional assistance. It is important to note that our customers had no previous experience with maintaining floor coverings made of natural materials. Since the stained rug was woollen, it had absorbed the liquid substance and the rug fibres had quickly trapped the colouring matter of the alcoholic beverage.

The clients didn’t react fast enough to prevent the long-term blemish and were hoping that it would eventually vanish with the help of generic rug solvents. It is apparent that that way of thinking can cause more trouble and prevent unnecessary anxieties.

red wine on white wool rug
rug after cleaning Chiswick

How we treat rug stains off-site

Our team of professional rug cleaners decided it was best to take the rug to our company’s rug cleaning facility, where we would be able to treat the staining in the proper environment. The rug was initially vacuumed and pre-treated with a special stain removing detergent, which is used mainly by professionals. However, we weren’t achieving the results we had hoped for. The staining was so severe that the rug cleaner had to repeat the same stain treatment a few times, before there was any visible difference. Of course, we took our time and made sure that the treatments were spaced in time, so that no further damage was caused. The rug had stayed in our facility for a few days and after the procedure was completed it was dropped off at the customer’s home.

Professional rug cleaning company in Chiswick W4

Don’t allow wine stains to turn your wool rug into an abstract work of art, believe us it won’t be considered a museum worthy masterpiece! As soon as any staining accident occurs, contact our rug cleaners in Chisiwck to get expert advice on how to proceed and book a professional rug cleaning service, which will help eliminate rug blemishes of any origin!