How to get draft marks out of carpet in Kensington W8


The main nemesis of all homes is dirt in all of its forms - it spreads so easily that only regular cleaning can help reduce it but not stop it from coming in. The regular collection of dust is also accompanied by accidental stains, pet hair and other types of loose dirt. Even if you’re used to running the vacuum over your carpeting every week it still isn’t enough to make sure that your carpet is properly maintained. Probably only very meticulous people notice the gradual build up of draft or “draught” marks, which definitely make a bold statement on every carpet once it’s finally become extremely visible.

The only way to get rid of draft marks correctly is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company like “Number One Carpet Cleaning” in Kensington W8, which would provide a top-notch draft marks removal service.

Removing draft marks from carpet

As it has already become clear, draft marks are the result of air pollution and all the bacteria and fine particles, which can be found in low quality air. They appear on different parts of the carpets - usually around the edges, under doors and other floor dents. Regular vacuuming simply isn’t enough to eliminate these unpleasant blemishes and that’s why people reach out to “Number One Carpet Cleaning” for help.

carpet with draft marks in Kensington
carpet after cleaning in Kensington

A new client of ours had recently booked a professional carpet draft marks removal service in Kensington W8, because they weren’t able to deal with the sanitary problem by themselves. Funny thing is that they weren’t even aware that such marks could appear on carpets and were clueless as to how it was right to proceed with the treatment of such draft marks.

Our professional carpet cleaners in Kensington were able to arrive on-site and inspect the condition of the carpet in question. It seemed that these blemishes had been a long time in the making and were ignored for the most part. Thanks to the equipment we had on hand the marks were successfully removed. At first we vacuumed the edges of the carpet with a special crevice tool and then the stain removal concentrate was applied deep in the fibres. After the hot water extraction machine ejected all the build up grime, the edges of the carpet looked completely spotless.

Looking for professional carpet cleaning services in Kensington W8?

Doing all the household cleaning chores by yourself is enough of a hassle to have to deal with the extra carpet upkeep taks.

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