Cleaning paint from a carpet in Chelsea SW10


Everyone who has done home renovations knows how important it is to keep your floors, windows and furniture well covered while using paint. However, unpleasant circumstances involving both paint and fabric don’t occur only in specific situations at our very home. Sometimes mistakes can be done in public spaces, too. And it is a total given that cleaning paint is way harder than creating any type of mess with it, especially if you are in commercial premises, which must always look presentable.

Removing paint from carpet

“Number One Carpet Cleaning” has dealt with removing all kinds of carpet stains - from dog vomit to oil and that's why we always advise our customers to contact us as soon as the mishap occurs so that we can treat it more efficiently, otherwise there may be damage beyond repair.

red paint stains on carpet
cleaned stains on carpet

The manager of a high-end furniture and paint store in Chelsea SW10 called us to book an emergency carpet cleaning service because a member of their staff had accidentally spilled a can of paint on the carpeted area in their workplace. This commercial client was incredibly lucky because our team of professional carpet cleaners in Chelsea managed to complete the service in the same day.

As we arrived the affected area was inspected - the bright red paint still hadn’t dried which was a big part of the reason why we were able to remove the staining in no time. The liquid substance was carefully scraped off the surface and then the leftover paint which was stuck in the carpet fibres were treated with a special solution, which was left to sit for around 20 minutes. After that the carpet was steam cleaned, which helped completely remove any of the blemishes caused by the highly pigmented paint.

This emergency service was a total success and that’s why we have been glad to have provided these customers of ours with three more professional carpet cleaning services since that very first accident.

Have your carpets professionally cleaned by our Carpet Cleaners in Chelsea SW10

One of the reasons why our carpet cleaning company has loyal clients is because we always strive to deliver the best possible cleaning results. For that reason you should not fear trusting us with cleaning up any carpet related mess.

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