Cleaning of a vomit from an expensive wool carpet


Although children are gifts themselves, sometimes they tend to leave unexpected and definitely unwanted “gifts'' after themselves, which causes sanitary anxieties among the parents. It is more than normal for a child to make a mess or even vomit on your luxury carpet, the nature of this mishap is more than justifiable. However, it is not that easy to deal with the aftermath - getting rid of the stain and the smell embedded in the carpet fires.

Removing stains from a luxurious wool carpet

A mother reached out to our carpet cleaners in Fulham SW6 because she was struggling with the elimination of a vomit stain on her high-end wool carpet. One night her child had felt sick and as a result vomited on the carpet in the kid’s room. The mother started cleaning the mess as soon as possible, but ended up making a mistake by using the wrong product. She contacted her trusted carpet cleaner, who had been doing the annual carpet cleaning for years. Unfortunately not only he couldn`t clean it properly, but actually damaged it due to using chemicals not suitable for a wool carpet.

stain from vomit on carpet
cleaning of a vomit stain from a carpet

How “Number One Carpet Cleaning” solved the problem

After the client had booked a professional carpet stain removal service with our company, we knew that it would take time and a lot of effort to correct the blemish which was made worse by wrongful sanitation actions.

Our team of carpet cleaners in Fulham SW6 were able to fix the damage in two visits and after the last one, the vomit stain was finally completely eliminated. We were able to achieve such results due to the advanced machinery and the right carpet stain treatments we use in our professional practice.

Professional carpet cleaners Fulham SW6

A carpet cleaner who is used to performing only the regular upkeep of the carpet won’t always be skillful or knowledgeable enough to deal with additional carpet cleaning mishaps like severe staining.

Don’t compromise the maintenance of your carpet, especially if it is a high-end one! “”Number One Carpet Cleaning” is a quality service provider, which is ready to assist any household in Fulham SW6.

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