Top Carpet Trends in 2021


Most fashion trends seem to be applying mainly for clothes and shoes, but the interior design industry has its own fair share of creating trends, regarding all furniture pieces, household accessories and of course, the different carpets, which have taken their time, too, to rise and then fall from the trendsetting ladder.

It may even seem as though carpets have not become part of every home but they are still beloved by many who cherish the convenience and the comfort of these floor coverings. Yes, they have timeless appeal and are relatively easy and affordable to install, but their maintenance should not be underestimated. The cleaning process varies, depending on the type of carpet material you have to treat - the method, which is considered to be most suitable, requires the use of special tools and detergents in order to be completed in a decent manner.

Trends can be influenced by many external factors and can be sometimes unpredictable due to the constant changes in the other co-dependent industries. Both 2020 and 2021 were pivotal for the rise of indoor design because the more time people spent at their homes, the more they wanted to change the environment they wanted to feel less underwhelmed in. Therefore refurbishing and organising the space one would spend their day in, became not only a mundane chore that had to be done at last, but an activity that would unleash the creative side of one’s mind.

The 2021 carpet trends may vary in different parts of the world, but the carpet retailers in London were surprised to see such a surge in carpet sales, especially because the taste of Lononers for such furniture pieces seemed to have changed a bit.

The following information has been kindly reported by a trusted source. And sorry, Cosmo but this time it ain’t gonna be your turn to break down this past year’s trends or even be at a place to give any type of carpet advice.

The Loop Pile Carpets are here to stay

One of the most common carpet types, you would see not only at a friend’s living room but also at your favourite boutique or even a mundane office space is the loop pile carpet. It can be found in every furniture store, it comes in different colours and patterns, and is inexpensive. No wonder why many people purchased exactly this type of carpets during the last year - they have always been in great use and undoubtedly continue to hold the stand. Whether you reside in a more modest or an extravagant looking home, loop pile carpets are perfect for all high-traffic areas because only their looped fibres will be able to withstand the fast wearing out in hallways, staircases and kitchens.

Stylish but inconvenient trends

Let’s just say that the people who have an eye for delicate, deluxe and overall one of a kind pieces, are not bothered by either the price tag or the convenience of unique carpets that would contribute to the already lavish interior of their homes. And as it seems 2021 has been a good year for all who want to fake it, till they make it.

Faux silk carpets

Although silk carpets and rugs have been in style for quite a few years now, they don’t fit in most people’s budgets when they’re choosing new carpeting for their home. That’s why faux silk carpets have been a great hit this past year - they’re alluring, cheaper than their original rivals and can turn any bedroom into a luxurious five-star hotel room.

However, faux silk fibres do lack some of the great characteristics of real silk ones, which may be just as fine as a strand of hair, but are indeed stronger. Fake silk carpets are made out of viscose, which is the reason why they may not have very vibrant colours and be prone to easy damage. But both faux and real silk carpets have something in common and it is that their enemy is high foot traffic and when located in areas which attract more “foot presence”, they wear out very fast and lose both their initial colour and the silky feel, too.

Faux silk rugs were in strong demand this past year because they don’t only imitate the style and the glamour of their counterparts, but are cheaper and due to the worldwide inflation, splurging was out of the game.

Sisal and seagrass carpets

Natural fibre carpets have been a part of people’s homes for centuries and still continue to be preferred by those who cherish their sustainable qualities, however synthetic fibres are now more common than ever when it comes to producing floor coverings. They are more affordable, with a faster production process and are easier to maintain.

Although sisal and seagrass carpets are among the most durable, they are far from practical. Their lack of stain-resistance and comfort can be a deal breaker even to those who can afford buying them. That’s why the faux sisal carpet has come to it’s reign - cheaper, water and stain-resistant, with authentic texture. This alternative has led many into considering purchasing such carpets, because the easier it is to clean, the better it is for both the tenants and the indoor environment.

And all of those who wanted to take advantage of the appeal of sisal but could not stand the uncomfortable texture beneath their feet, opted for faux seagrass carpets, which are too durable and water-resistant.

Practicality can be good looking, too

All those who wanted to spice things up at their home interior and were tired of the good old loop pile carpets, demanded purchasing a twist loop pile carpet. Don’t worry it wasn’t the voice of Chuck Berry telling them to Do the twist. As a matter of fact, twist loop piles are the most common in British homes, because unlike loop piles they are available in a more abundant colour palette and are indeed easier to clean. Not only are they softer and therefore more comfortable, but they sure will last longer due to their durability.


Carpet trends come and go just like the seasonal changes, but one thing stays the same and it is their maintenance. You simply can’t prevent carpets from acquiring filth because at the end of the day their duty is to protect your floors, but you can make sure that they are in decent sanitary condition, by having them professionally cleaned by “Number One Carpet Cleaning”. Give us a call on 020 3026 0355. and our qualified carpet cleaners in Central and Greater London will take care of your floor coverings!