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Rugs are one of the simplest, yet the most elegant items of home decor. Be it simple or fancy, they come in numerous shapes and sizes which makes them a perfect adornment for any home. One has to be extra careful in cleaning rugs having valuable studs embedded in them.

Merely vacuuming is not sufficient to keep your surroundings devoid of allergens, dirt, and pathogens. Carpets and rugs are spectacular additions meant to enhance the interior of your home. They also protect the living area and brighten it up and hence care should be taken while cleaning them up.

To address this issue, we at Number One Carpet Cleaning, one of the leading rug cleaners in Chiswick W4, have taken an initiative to eliminate dirt from deep within the minute rug fibres and aid the residents of your home in availing the benefits of superior health.

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Why Choose Our Rug Cleaning Services in Chiswick?

  • Your rugs, be it Oriental or Persian, are in safe hands owing to the environmental-friendly cleaning materials that we use.
  • If the dye of your rugs tends to bleed, our team of experts use unique dry cleaning methods to make your rugs dust free.
  • We provide impeccable services at competitive prices besides offering exciting deals and discounts.
  • Since our local teams are readily available, we can provide services at a short notice in different areas.
  • 5. Fully certified and trained cleaners and technicians contribute to our high-quality services.

Professional Rug Cleaning in Chiswick W4

Sanitisation can turn out to be harsh on rugs. Thus, the best approach to rug cleaning is by opting for professionals who can delicately handle your rugs, simultaneously, cleaning them thoroughly. Our rug cleaning services in Chiswick W4 are qualified, licensed, credible and trustworthy. Our versatile approach makes your rugs spotless. It doesn't matter whether you have Silk, Synthetic, Cotton, Acrylic, Linen, Wool, Viscose, Plush, Suede, Chenille, Nubuck, Organic fibre, or Leather Rugs or simply put: Any fabric! Do not panic! Our cleaners are skilled enough to remove all kinds of stains.

Best rug Cleaning Services in Cheswick

Rug Cleaners W4 Chiswick – Our Guarantee for You!


The best quality of Chiswick Rug Cleaners ensures that our workers pay attention to every detail which makes each fabric.


We specialise in removing all kinds of stains and are ever ready to customise our services accordingly.


Our services are reliable and trustworthy. So, get in touch for a free consultation!


Before handing you over your rug, we perform a final inspection for ensuring hygiene standards.

How Rug Cleaners Chiswick W4 Work

Our team of rug cleaners in Chiswick conducts a detailed inspection to scrutinise stains, discolouration and fading. If the rug requires any treatment before cleaning, our team wastes no time in initiating the process.
Merely vacuuming, beating or shaking is not enough. Rug Cleaning Services in Chiswick use specific tools combined with air compression methods for extracting out dust deep-rooted in the fabric strands.
We submerge the rug in a shampoo and water solution, and with a constant flow of water, we agitate the fabric. It removes all the contaminants from the rug before moving on to rinsing.
We rinse the rug with splashes of cold water to remove any shampoo residue and other unwanted particles.
In this process, we remove any remaining water with the help of a centrifuge machine.
A gas heating drying chamber is used to remove every tiny ounce of water. Dehumidifiers and forced air circulation are used to facilitate complete drying.

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Best Rug Cleaning Chiswick W4 Prices

What We cleanArea sizeRegularPremium
Single Bedroom8ft x 10ft£30.00£39.00
Double bedroom12 ft x 12 ft£35.00£45.00
2 bedroom12ft x 12ft£60.00£78.00
3 bedroom12 ft x 12 ft£75.00£97.00
Living room12ft x 18ft£40.00£52.00
Trough Lounge24ft x 12ft£65.00£84.50
Hallway£15.00 Landing£13.00£16.90
StairsPer step£3.00£3.90
Small RugUp to 5 sq. ft.£16.00£20.80
Large RugAbove 5 sq. ft.£20.00£26.00
Carpet Cleaning Deals
One-bedroom flatLiving room, bedroom hallway£90.00£117.00
Two-bedroom flatLiving room, two bedrooms and a hallway£120.00£156.00
Three bed flat Living roomHallway two double bedrooms, one single bedroom£140.00£182.00
One-bedroom houseThrough lounge, hallway, stairs and landing, double bedroom£120.00£156.00
Two-bed house Through lounge, hallway, stairs and landing, two bedrooms£140.00£182.00
Three-bedroom houseThrough lounge, hallway, stairs and landing, three bedrooms£175.00£227.50

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