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Before carpeting took off as a preferred floor covering, there were the rugs whose charm and practicality reigned in any home. Not only do rugs enhance the overall appeal and atmosphere in indoor spaces but they also protect the wooden floor beneath them. They are beloved by many because of their versatility and diverse designs and materials. But maintaining them can be a complicated chore, especially when treating delicate fabrics. Finding the best cleaning solutions will be a journey for anyone who's unfamiliar with the XYZs of stain removal and even basic sanitation.

Fortunately enough, Number One Carpet Cleaning" is ready to provide the rug cleaning services you are in need of. Our friendly cleaning technicians are all prepared to assist anyone with their sanitary mishaps.

Rug cleaning price
Fiber TypeInhouse PricePick up Price
Natural£40,00 - £100,00£50,00 - £110,00
Synthetic£20,00 - £80,00£30,00 - £90,00
FinePick up only£80,00 - £140,00
Synthetic ShaggyPick up only£50,00 - £110,00
Price depends on the size and condition of the rug. Minimum call-out charge of £75.00 applies.
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Floors are destined to collect all the dirt at our home, or any indoor place for that matter, which is the reason why weekly cleaning is a must chore. Whether you have the classical wool carpets or you have opted for the exotic Oriental rugs, you know that these things are traps for grime and dust. Dealing with stubborn stains and dirt build up can be discouraging, if you don't have much time on your hands.

Reasons not to put off cleaning your rug

No matter how busy you are, some things cannot be unseen, unless you avoid them on purpose. Sooner or later your floor coverings simply loose their vibrant colours, fluffiness and overall appeal due to the build up filth and lack of maintenance. Especially if you have four-legged friends and toddlers who crawl all over the house, then those sanitary errors should be avoided at all costs.

If you don't clean your rugs:

  • All sorts of bacteria and allergens will spread immensely not only through the rug fibers, but throughout your entire home.
  • The rug will no longer attain its brand new charm.
  • Health problems will be induced due to the lack of hygiene.

But when you clean your rugs regularly:

  • No pet hair and shoe dirt will camouflage the beautiful design of the floor covering.
  • The level of hygiene at your home will be improved.
  • Your rugs will have a longer lifespan.
  • Walking barefoot will no longer be a problem for the kids who like jumping all over your clean bedsheets.

Professional rug cleaners Fulham SW6

Opting for professional rug cleaning services will guarantee you first class results. "Number One Carpet Cleaning" Fulham has a great team of fully equipped and experienced rug cleaners, who always prove to perform quality services.

Before we start treating the surface, we inspect the area for additional sanitary errors and choose the most suitable cleaning method for the material and its sanitary needs. The duration of the cleaning process varies, depending on the techniques the technicians perform. We always start by vacuuming the surface and then we pre-treat any blemishes with chemical free detergents, in order to both save the environment and the delicate rug fibers. Steam cleaning is the golden ticket to achieving that desired spotless surface, because it sanitises and eliminates all the grime stuck in the rug. However, we offer other cleaning solutions which won't be harmful to the rug in question.

Our rug cleaning company prides itself in its innovative and convenient practices, that's why we are glad to inform you that we also provide a PICK-UP AND DROP OFF RUG CLEANING SERVICE. Therefore we can easily take the dirty rugs from your residence, perform the needed cleaning process in our special cleaning facility and finally drop it off at your place.

Instead of wondering are there are reliable rug cleaners near me, you should always first check weaher "Number One Carpet Cleaning" operates in your area. If you live in Fulham and want to take advantage of the skills of our fully qualified rug cleaners and therefore enjoy a top notch service aftermath, call us on 020 3632 3212 or send an email to !

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Fulham is located in south-west London set up with beautiful landscapes and greenery all around. The location is also in close proximity to popular places like Chelsea. This makes the cost of living in the area quite high.

Numberone Carpet Cleaning company in Fulham has been a popular name over the years. We do not use any detergent or chemicals that can negatively affect your rug but use only scientific gentle methods to make it look like new!