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Rugs create a welcoming environment to your home or work space and improve aesthetics. However not many want it due to its cleaning and maintenance issues. We are pleased to present ourselves as the most promising rug cleaners in Fulham with extensive experience.

With people and pets walking on your rug every day, it gets easily dirty. While normal vacuuming helps, rugs need specialized cleaning to get rid of all dirt completely.

Thanks to the trust of our customers and the expert services we provide, we have established ourselves as a professional rug cleaning company in Fulham.

Benefits of the Rug Cleaning

The primary objective of rug cleaning services Fulham is to offer you the best cleaning experience. All this at competitive rug cleaning Fulham prices without degrading the quality!

  • Most of our current customers are those recommended by our previous customers.
  • With no taxes or additional fees or hidden charges, we work during your free time including weekends and night hours!
  • We have a team of Experienced staff who get their job done.
  • We provide vehicles & uniforms, IDs, and full insurance to our team.
  • For multiple ordered services, we have special discounts in offer!
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Professional Rug Cleaning Services Fulham SW6

Professional rug cleaning starts with commercial vacuuming which sucks out the dust particles from under the surface. Next a steam cleaning machine with a special cleaning detergent is employed.

Hot water extraction is used for maximum penetration into your rug for a good clean. The rug is then left to dry and with cutting-edge technologies, your rug will be dry in just 2-3 hours!

We use scrubbers, hoovers and green chemicals as part of the cleaning process always trying to not lose the quality of your rug.

Best Rug Cleaners Fulham SW6

Cleaning Services in Fulham That We Provide


Firstly, vacuum the rug on both ends to remove the dry soil.


Reverse the rug to bring the right-side up and continue vacuum cleaning.


Make sure to dry clean the soft furnishings of the rug with your hands, to avoid damaging them.


Lastly, deep clean with a brush to remove any leftover dirt or hair on your rug.

best rug cleaners Fulham, we follow a dedicated step by step process:

We thoroughly inspect your rugs to consider the material and the risk factors, if any.
We apply a solution to your rug so that it's original colour doesn't get lost. The rug is then thoroughly washed to remove all soils from it.
After that the rug is rinsed with water multiple times to remove detergents used in cleaning.
Specific areas of your rug that still has leftover stains, is again cleaned. The rug is then brushed to brighten its original texture.
Our manager then does a thorough scrutiny of the rug to ensure nothing has been missed out.


To find out more about our complete range of domestic rug cleaning services, or to request home survey call us today : 020 36323212

Powerful Rug Cleaning Fulham SW6 Prices

What We cleanArea sizeRegularPremium
Single Bedroom8ft x 10ft£30.00£39.00
Double bedroom12 ft x 12 ft£35.00£45.00
2 bedroom12ft x 12ft£60.00£78.00
3 bedroom12 ft x 12 ft£75.00£97.00
Living room12ft x 18ft£40.00£52.00
Trough Lounge24ft x 12ft£65.00£84.50
Hallway£15.00 Landing£13.00£16.90
StairsPer step£3.00£3.90
Small RugUp to 5 sq. ft.£16.00£20.80
Large RugAbove 5 sq. ft.£20.00£26.00
Carpet Cleaning Deals
One-bedroom flatLiving room, bedroom hallway£90.00£117.00
Two-bedroom flatLiving room, two bedrooms and a hallway£120.00£156.00
Three bed flat Living roomHallway two double bedrooms, one single bedroom£140.00£182.00
One-bedroom houseThrough lounge, hallway, stairs and landing, double bedroom£120.00£156.00
Two-bed house Through lounge, hallway, stairs and landing, two bedrooms£140.00£182.00
Three-bedroom houseThrough lounge, hallway, stairs and landing, three bedrooms£175.00£227.50

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Fulham is located in south-west London set up with beautiful landscapes and greenery all around. The location is also in close proximity to popular places like Chelsea. This makes the cost of living in the area quite high.

Numberone Carpet Cleaning company in Fulham has been a popular name over the years. We do not use any detergent or chemicals that can negatively affect your rug but use only scientific gentle methods to make it look like new!