Professional Rug Cleaning in Hammersmith W6

For keeping rugs in homes clean, they need to be vacuumed at least once every week and it is not an easy process. Rugs need to be cleaned in a distinctly different way and only cleaning technicians working with some good professional cleaning services company could be aware of that.

Rug cleaning experts follow a systematic approach for removing dust or dirt stuck beneath the rugs completely. Use of advanced equipment is made to steam clean rugs so as to ensure that even the smallest of dust particles is removed. This is an important step in the rug cleaning process.

Besides, cleaners also use biodegradable solutions for cleaning rugs that are safe and don’t cause any damages to rug materials. This requires experienced cleaners who have spent years in the industry.

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Professional Rug Cleaning in Hammersmith

  • Rugs are maintained clean over the long run
  • Life of rugs increases and quality is maintained
  • Regular cleaning can ensure rugs free of bugs
  • Usage of eco-friendly rug cleaning materials guarantee hygiene
  • Rug cleaning process ensures better health of family

Expert Rug Cleaning in Hammersmith W6 near you!

As mentioned earlier, cleaning of rugs requires special care. Our team of professional rug cleaners is certified and has numerous years of experience in cleaning different types of rugs. Hence, they have knowledge of various rug fabrics as well as the manner in which the rugs are to be cleaned. Take advantage of our specialist services to get guaranteed results!

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Why Choose Our Rug Cleaning Company Hammersmith Services?


Our entire team has certified and experienced rug cleaners who are fully trained and licensed.


We do not charge any hidden charges for any of our range of rug cleaning services.


Round the clock customer support services that is easily accessible online throughout the year.


Clients need to be rest assured of getting high quality services while cleaning of rugs.

Benefit With Our Simple 5 Step Rug Cleaning Hammersmith Process

Cleaner will first inspect each rug to understand its material composition as cleaning methodology will vary according to rug type. We have a rug pick-up and dropping facility for clients.
Depending on the type of rug fabric to be cleaned and nature of soil stuck on both sides, some pre-treatment may be required so as to ensure emulsification of soils.
To make sure that rug fabric is not adversely affected during the cleaning process, cleaner will apply special Oriental Rug Shampoo in a manner that ensures maximum removal of dirt.
After soil is totally removed by rinsing it thoroughly, the rug is quickly dried by a dryer and adequate care is taken to ensure that the fabric does not shrink.
There will be one final inspection before the rugs are ready for delivery or pick-up. it will be properly wrapped with brown paper so as to protect it from dust.

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Affordable Rug cleaning services Hammersmith W6 Prices

We clean Rug forArea sizeRegularPremium
Single Bedroom8ft x 10ft£30.00£39.00
Double bedroom12 ft x 12 ft£35.00£45.00
2 bedroom12ft x 12ft£60.00£78.00
3 bedroom12 ft x 12 ft£75.00£97.00
Living room12ft x 18ft£40.00£52.00
Trough Lounge24ft x 12ft£65.00£84.50
Hallway£15.00 Landing£13.00£16.90
StairsPer step£3.00£3.90
Small RugUp to 5 sq. ft.£16.00£20.80
Large RugAbove 5 sq. ft.£20.00£26.00
Carpet Cleaning Deals
One-bedroom flatLiving room, bedroom hallway£90.00£117.00
Two-bedroom flatLiving room, two bedrooms and a hallway£120.00£156.00
Three bed flat Living roomHallway two double bedrooms, one single bedroom£140.00£182.00
One-bedroom houseThrough lounge, hallway, stairs and landing, double bedroom£120.00£156.00
Two-bed house Through lounge, hallway, stairs and landing, two bedrooms£140.00£182.00
Three-bedroom houseThrough lounge, hallway, stairs and landing, three bedrooms£175.00£227.50

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Number one carpet cleaning provides certified rug cleaners for residential properties as well as business offices in and around Hammersmith. Benefit with our professional rug cleaning Hammersmith W6 services to make living conditions hygienic.

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