Professional Rug Cleaning in Hammersmith W6

Although rugs may seem like the best type of floor covering due to their diverse appeal, texture and floor protecting abilities, they come with many maintenance tasks which require both effort and time. And finding the right rug cleaners that would be able to deal with the rug cleaning process adequately can be hard and even more time-consuming than cleaning the filthy rugs all by yourself.

Not only do you have to buy reliable cleaning tools and solutions but you always have to treat the rug with caution because not all fibers are bound to withstand the basic cleaning methods you know of. Especially, when it comes to stubborn leaks, unpleasant odor or deeply imbedded pet hair and grime, professional rug cleaning services must always be taken advantage of.

"Number One Carpet Cleaning" is a top-rated rug cleaning company in Hammersmith W6, which is always ready to provide a quality rug cleaning service, ensuring impeccable results.

Rug cleaning price
Fiber TypeInhouse PricePick up Price
Natural£40,00 - £100,00£50,00 - £110,00
Synthetic£20,00 - £80,00£30,00 - £90,00
FinePick up only£80,00 - £140,00
Synthetic ShaggyPick up only£50,00 - £110,00
Price depends on the size and condition of the rug. Minimum call-out charge of £75.00 applies.
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How do rugs get professionally cleaned?

Our company's rug cleaners are fully trained to perform a variety of cleaning methods which are suitable for the different rug materials. As you already know, rugs are not very easy to upkeep because of their fibre density and the location they are set to serve both aesthetically and protection wise. Not only do they trap all kinds of dirt and bacteria but they also start to lose their charm, if not cleaned regularly and correctly, too.

Our team of Rug Cleaners in Hammersmith W6 is prepared to complete any rug cleaning service efficiently and precisely, because they know how to do the job regardless of the size of the property and the amount of free space to do the job in.

The following steps outline how our professional cleaners work on-site:

  • The technician will inspect the material of the rug and the additional blemishes and damages the floor covering in question has.
  • Based on all the gathered information about the rug, the best cleaning method is chosen.
  • The start of all professional services is marked by the good old vacuuming process, which helps remove loose dust and dirt. If the rug is in need of special stain removal, pre-treatment of any problematic spots is done.
  • The main part of this professional service is the steam cleaning process, which is completed with a hot water extraction machine, which doesn't only leave you with a clean rug but also helps eliminate any bacteria by disinfecting its fibres.
  • Although you can walk on the rug after the cleaning service is done, the surface may be slightly damp, which can be easily avoided, if you request additional drying with a special machine of ours.

When booking a rug cleaning service in Hammersmith, the customer should always note, if there are extra sanitation jobs that need to be done like pet urine removal, that way the rug cleaners will be able to prepare themselves beforehand with solutions and tools.

Rug cleaning services have their differences, because they are simply customizable and therefore the use of professional equipment is not enough, the technicians must be able to perform more than just regular cleaning.

Professional rug cleaning in Hammersmith W6

As you have already figured it out, the upkeep of your rugs is an essential part of your home environment. Especially if you live in a Greater London area, finding a reliable cleaning service provider doesn't seem easy, but our company has managed to acquire a great amount of loyal customers in Hammersmith and can't wait to welcome more pleased customers to our family.

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"Number One Carpet Cleaners" is the rug cleaning company which will always send technicians that are capable of tackling your rug sanitation problems and will provide any customer with a fully insured rug cleaning service at reasonable prices.

Our team in Hammersmith W6 is just one call away from helping you out with any rug mishaps and regular maintenance hassles. Get in touch with us to get a quick quote and have your cleaning problems in safe hands.

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