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Rugs are great decorations for your home. It is very important that the company you choose for your rug cleaning in London is a company with experience and understanding of different materials.

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At Number One Carpet Cleaning we have the knowledge, experience, chemicals and equipment to clean professionally all types of rugs.

We cover almost the entire South West and West London, with local rug cleaning teams in Fulham, Putney, Chiswick and others.

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From soft wool rugs, patterned styles polyester rugs, high-piles rugs, jute rugs and even cotton rugs – they come in different shapes, materials and colours so professional rug cleaning is not a straightforward process. Specialized rug cleaners understand the difference and know how to approach each job in a way that gets great results and keep the items safe. At Number One Carpet Cleaning we do hot water extraction rug cleaning, dry rug cleaning and low moisture rug cleaning. By using the right chemicals and equipment we ensure a thoroughly deep clean and we can deal with stains such as wine, coffee, tea and pet urine.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs normally come with history and sentimental value – the rug that was left in the house for generations or the one that you brought from an exotic trip. Those expensive and unique pieces are wool rugs, silk rugs, colourful rugs, Persian rugs, Moroccan rugs. The different materials and techniques that are used to make them require different cleaning methods and specific cleaning chemicals. We choose the cleaning method based on the type of material and we only use professional wool safe chemicals with low PH preventing colour bleeding to carry out rug cleaning. With our variety of equipment, knowledge of techniques and chemicals we make sure that the look, feel and colours of the rugs are restored and preserved.

Viscose Rug Cleaning

Luxury modern rugs are often viscose rugs bought from designer`s outlets such as Laura Ashley or places like John Lewis. Viscose is a modern man-made fabric, replacement of silk. It's an extremely fragile material and It could be easily damaged by a simple spill of a drink or inappropriate attempt to clean it. Cleaning Viscose rugs is a specialized job that requires knowledge and experience. Our specialist rug cleaners can successfully clean viscose rugs. We can safely remove red wine stain from the viscose item without damaging the fibre. You can trust Number One Carpet Cleaning when it comes to cleaning viscose rugs. Important advice - If you have a stain on a viscose rug do not apply any products on it but call a specialist immediately and make sure that the company is trained and experienced in cleaning fine fabrics.

By choosing our rug cleaning service you can be rest assured to have your rug thoroughly cleaned and even restored no matter the type of it – natural fibre or man-made including viscose.

  • Free home visit/survey
  • Pre-test on material and colour bleeding
  • Expert rug cleaning using appropriate cleaning methods
  • Expert rug stain removal
  • Optional stain fabric stain protection
  • Free and comprehensive advice on how to maintain your rug
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Our domestic rug cleaning service will prolong the life of your rugs and leave them looking naturally beautiful. The cleaning process will brighten up the colours and restore the fibres.

Of course, professional rug clearing is not just about the look of your rug and removing stains and dirt, it also removes the pests and allergens such as pet dander, dust mites and all bacteria.

Maintaining your rugs and having them professionally cleaned regularly insures not only the long life and preventing of wear and tear but also a healthier environment in your home and family, including young children and allergy sufferers.

Maintaining your rugs and having them professionally cleaned regularly insures not only the long life and preventing of wear and tear but also a healthier environment in your home and family, including young children and any allergy sufferers.

Our reliable, highly experienced technicians will work with care and precision to restore your rug. Once clean, we provide the fabric protection treatments to maintain their condition and make them easier to keep clean as well as insect protection.

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