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Rugs are a great decoration for any home. In most London homes the rugs there are oriental rugs. It is very important that the company you chose for your rug cleaning in London is a company with experience. At Number One Carpet Cleaning we have the knowledge, experience, chemicals and equipment to clean professionally all type of rugs.

Oriental rugs normally come with history and sentimental value – the rug that was left in the house for generation or the rug that you brought from an exotic trip. Those expensive and unique rugs are wool rugs, silk rugs, viscos rugs, colourful rugs, Persian rugs, Moroccan rugs and even John Lewis`s rugs. The different materials and techniques that are used to make those rugs require different cleaning methods and specific cleaning chemicals. We choose the cleaning method based on the type of rugs and we only use professional wool safe chemicals with low PH preventing colour bleeding to carry out rug cleaning. With our variety of equipment, knowledge of techniques and chemicals we make sure that the look, feel and colours of the rugs are restored and preserved.

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Our domestic rug cleaning service uses the latest cleaning technology to clean and restore all types of natural and synthetic rugs, including wool rugs, silk rugs, oriental rugs and handmade rugs. Our service provides:

  • Free home visit survey and free advice
  • Pre-test on material and colour bleeding
  • Expert rug cleaning using appropriate cleaning methods
  • Off-site cleaning option for your convenience
  • Professional and friendly service from fully trained technician
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Our domestic rug cleaning service will prolong the life of your rugs and leaving them looking naturally beautiful. The cleaning process will brighten up the colours and restore the fibres.

Of course, professional rug clearing is not just about the look of the rugs and removing the visible stains and dirt, it also removes the pests and allergens you can’t, such as pet dander, dust mites and bacteria.

Maintaining your rugs and having them professionally cleaned regularly insures not only the long life and preventing of wear and tear but also a healthier environment in your home and family, including young children and allergy sufferers.

Our reliable, highly experienced technicians will work with care and precision to restore your oriental rugs. Once clean, we provide the latest, family-safe fabric protection treatments to maintain their condition and make them easier to keep clean as well as insect protection.

Professional Domestic rug cleaning services give you


Cleaning using the safest and most efficient methods, chemicals and equipment for long-lasting results.


Great value for money services that restore, refresh and extend the life of your rugs


Free advice and optional services as off-site cleaning, stain protection and insect protection


Expert stain removal and protection services to keep your rugs spotless and tidy always.

Dry Cleaning Process

We will vacuum thoroughly the rugs to remove dry soil and other bits. 75% of all dirt in rugs is dry soil.
Using the appropriate chemicals for a specific stain and using a terry cloth to mop them out.
Applying a low moister wool safe chemicals and manually or mechanically agitate before we rinse the rug with PH stabilizer and leave to dry.
After that thorough upholstery cleaning for a perfect finish we will gently spray antibacterial deodorant which will dry off on your furniture and will keep its fresh aroma for weeks.
We will pre-spray the upholstery with the appropriate chemicals and to help to loosen dirt and stains.

Hot Water Extraction

The method known as steam cleaning. The machines spray hot water into the carpets and extracts it right back. This way the water circulate through the fabric, dissolves and extracts all dirt, bacteria and leaves it in dirt and chemicals free state.
Where necessary we will treat every stain individually with the appropriate stain removal chemical
After that thorough upholstery cleaning for a perfect finish we will gently spray antibacterial deodorant which will dry off on your furniture and will keep its fresh aroma for weeks.
Our Phenomenal Nano Protection is available as extra option for you now. This will provide you protection for your carpet until the next time we clean it. You can easily mop up spillages and it will prolong the life of the carpet as well as no grit will adhere to the fibres and wear it out through its grinding action. In our professional opinion this last step is a must to prevent spills set deep in. Scotch guarding will be charged separately.
An environmentally friendly, approved insecticide for use on carpets, upholstery fabrics and hard surfaces. The insecticide is ideal treatment for eradication of infestations and control of all crawling and flying insects including fleas and it does not present a health risk to pets or young children who may meet treated surfaces or fabrics.

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