Cleaning a rug for Thai Embassy in London South Kensington SW7


Most rugs you’d find on the market fall into similar size ranges, which are meant to fit in standard indoor spaces. Manufacturing a larger floor covering is almost always done upon a personalised request. Such rugs could be found mainly in commercial premises and require much more maintenance compared to the regular ones and take longer to clean. That’s why “Number One Carpet Cleaning” is perfectly equipped and ready to take on any commercial rug, regardless of its intimidating size.

Deep cleaning a big custom-made rug

Not too long ago our professional rug cleaning company was booked to perform a rug cleaning service in South Kensington SW7. The unusual remark the client made was that the rug in question is quite large and it’s custom made. And although such characteristics seem uncommon, it all made sense once the client revealed more details about the service they’d like to have done.

big rug
label rug

Apparently, the job was scheduled for the Thai Embassy in London, where they had a special ritual room with a uniquely big rug positioned across the entire chamber. This floor covering was produced by a Thai company, it was made out of 100% New Zealand wool and was covered in personalised patterns. It was so big and heavy that the officials had to use a crane to move it inside the building through the balcony.

Our professional rug cleaners were expecting a tough job ahead of them. Fortunately, their training and the suitable machinery made this deep cleaning job possible.

Firstly, the entire rug was vacuumed with an industrial vacuum machine. After that it was inspected for any spots and stains. The hot water machine was adjusted to a more gentle steam cleaning programme so that the high quality cotton doesn’t get damaged. This process effectively injects steam in the depths of the fibres and then withdraws the embedded filth. That’s how not only the bacteria and allergens get eliminated but the colourful fibres retrieve their vibrancy, too. At the end of the treatment the patterns were more visible and the floor covering was deprived of the build up dirt, which made it look flat and unappealing.

Hire rug cleaners for commercial premises

All commercial indoor spaces must always look their best and exude a welcoming atmosphere. This is impossible, if their floors are not properly maintained, especially if there’s carpeting or rugs.

Thanks to “Number One Carpet Cleaning” you can take care of any commercial floor covering by hiring our team of professional rug cleaners in South Kensington SW7.

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