Fringe cleaning for oriental rug in Ealing


Although mass produced rugs made out of synthetic materials are the most common on the mainstream market, there are consumers who prefer higher quality handmade floor coverings. Traditional Oriental rugs elevate the overall appeal of any indoor space. With its intricate designs, bold colours and unusual textures, these interior pieces are adored by many, who pay great attention to detail and aesthetics. However, such rugs have their inconveniences, too - they require special and proper maintenance, in order to preserve their look and quality.

Cleaning stained rug fringe

“Number One Carpet Cleaning” is a professional rug cleaning company in Ealing W5, which has gained immense amounts of expertise throughout the years of performing cleaning services on all kinds of floor coverings.

Recently, our team was hired to take care of an Oriental rug’s fringe, which had started to stain due to improper cleaning techniques, which had led to the transfer of dye. This is a common consequence when treating handmade rugs, which are made out of organic materials and therefore can’t withstand the otherwise beneficial results of deep cleaning.

rug fringe cleaning ealing

Handmade rugs are well-known not only for their custom made patterns, but also for their beautiful fringe at both ends, which ties in both the weave of the piece and its appearance. This feature is most often white and made out of cotton, which makes it prone to discoloration. Usually, the fringe absorbs dye during the cleaning process, especially if it’s not completed properly. This unpleasant outcome disturbs the intended unison of the initial look.

Our professional rug cleaners took matters into their hands as soon as they inspected the state of the fringe. The whole rug was vacuumed in advance and then a special detergent for treatment of discoloured materials was applied over the stained area. The fringe’s white colour started to show gradually after the product was carefully scrubbed away with a white piece of cloth.

How to restore your rug’s fringe colour?

If you’ve ever contemplated whether or not to call for professional cleaning help whenever dealing with rug upkeep issues, then you’re probably aware of all the possible mishaps which could occur after your unsuccessful cleaning attempts.

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