Rug restoration in Chiswick W4


Even if you clean your rug regularly and you have it professionally treated once in a while, this floor covering piece is not protected from ageing and will eventually lose its initial charm. There are many types of rug materials which are affected differently by higher foot traffic and consequential wearing out, which is sentinel to choosing the correct cleaning method, which would preserve the condition of the rug fibres. Although more people prefer the synthetic materials due to the easier maintenance, there’s nothing like a beautiful handmade rug, which would be the dream statement piece in every room.

Handmade rug restoration services

A regular client of “Number One Carpet Cleaning” in Chiswick had decided to finally seek professional help for their Chinese wool rug, which had been in dire need of some repair. This handmade rug was not only a favourite decoration piece but it also had great sentimental value to the client because it was part of their family inheritance.

wool chinese rug restoration
wool chinese rug repairs

The professional rug cleaners arrived in Chiswick W4 and inspected the rug in question, which appeared to be quite large and heavy. Due to the age of the rug and its constant use, the fibres had started to fall off and therefore white spots had started to appear all over these designated areas. It was obvious that there was a lot of work ahead of our team in order to restore the rug’s appearance and original structure.

The floor covering was picked up from the home and brought to our company’s rug cleaning facility. The rug was treated with great caution during the vacuuming process, which created a cleaner working ground for the next steps of the service. The old Chinese wool rug was indeed well crafted, because it was able to withstand the special colour restoration procedure and the additional fibre fixing and cleaning.

Professional rug pick-up and drop off services Chiswick W4

“Number One Carpet Cleaning” is the one rug cleaning company in Chiswick W4, which would provide you with a "Pick-up and drop off rug cleaning service”. Thanks to this convenient offer, your old wool rugs will be treated in a proper environment and after that delivered back to your home.