How to clean a luxurious silk rug

No matter how expensive or good looking your rugs at home are, they inevitably get dirty. The proper maintenance of any floor covering is important but not everyone is capable of performing the much needed sanitizing activities. “Number One Carpet Cleaning” has been helping people with their rug cleaning chores for years now. Our carpet cleaners in Hammersmith are the ones fully capable of flawlessly executing a carpet cleaning service up to the highest standarts.

Stained luxurious rug at home

Wool and silk rugs are best known for the high quality of the materials they’re made of. Unlike most other carpet materials silk is not only more expensive but it is strong and stain resistant. The fibers of the silk fabric don’t absorb fluids very easily, that’s why any spilled drink should be much easier to clean. Dust is also much easier to clean when on such delicate materials. However, there are always exceptions because not everyone takes proper care of their rugs even when they are so luxurious.

A customer of ours had called us to book a pick-up and drop off rug cleaning service, because one of their favourite rugs was in desperate need of a professional cleaning service. The rug was for sure a very luxurious furniture piece, not only because of its material but also because of the unique design. Its estimated price was around £10 000, so we had to make sure that we would treat it the best we could. Such wool and silk rugs must be cleaned with extra caution and suitable detergents.

Cleaning delicate rug

After the carpet cleaners arrived at the given address in Hammersmith, they inspected the rug in question and assured the customer that in our cleaning facility they would be able to give the rug the suitable treatment. The rug collection didn’t take much time and that shows how convenient it is for any customer’s busy schedule.

The rug had undergone a few sanitary mishaps. There were coffee stains and a few other drink related smudges. Vacuuming is an essential first step when cleaning any carpet material because it gets rid of all the dust collected on the surface. To make sure that they would all come out of the fabric, we pre-treated them with a special solvent which was rubbed directly to the problematic areas. Then the technician used a steam cleaning machine which, luckily, eliminated all the grime and the stains disfiguring the beautiful rug. After the steam cleaning process the rug looked brand new – it was spotless and the colours of the fabric were once again vibrant. Not only was the rug visibly clean, it was also bacteria-free.

The rug was dropped off at our client’s home right after it had completely dried. The reaction of the man was very rewarding for our carpet cleaners because he wasn’t just satisfied with the final results but he also said that anytime he wants to get his rugs professionally cleaned he would only trust our company’s services.

If you happen to be dealing with any rug stains or you just want to get your rugs professionally cleaned and you reside in the Hammersmith area, contact us here and arrange a pick-up and drop off rug cleaning service which will save you time, money and sanitary anxiety.

Rug Cleaning Hammersmith Before
Rug Cleaning Hammersmith After