Upholstery restoration in Putney SW15


Furnishing your living room with the right sofa is quintessential to both the aesthetics of the space and the overall comfort of the people using it. This piece of furniture has to be soft and enjoyable to sit or even sleep on and when it meets all the mentioned criteria, the sofa does become every family member’s favourite spot to chill on, including the furry four-legged friends. Over time the upholstered sofa wears out or it is being systematically stained, which may lead people into thinking that they need to get rid of the old and welcome the new, however there is a solution to such drastic actions and it is professional upholstery cleaning and restoration.

Restoring a two-seater sofa

The client who had contacted “Number One Carpet Cleaning” wanted to try and save the two-seater sofa they had owned for years now but had unfortunately been severely stained. The professional upholstery cleaning service was the last resort for this comfortable, yet unpleasantly looking sofa. Fortunately such conditions of the upholstered furniture are repairable but people prefer to assume that it is simply better to get rid of it.

dirty couch
dirty sofa

How to clean upholstered furniture

Since the staining had happened over the course of many years, the origin of the blemishes was uncertain and the upholstery cleaners had to be very careful with the choice of detergents and stain removal techniques. We first vacuumed the entire sofa, which made the upholstered surface easier to treat and then the first layer of stain solution was applied to the two seat cushions, which were the most problematic. Then the hot water extraction machine helped extract all the built in grime. Although the first round of the treatment didn’t give the desired results, the upholstery cleaners didn’t give up so quickly and decided to try using one more stain eliminating detergent, which was able to finally work to our advantage. After the steam cleaning procedure was done, the two-seater sofa finally looked as though the clients had just brought it from the store. The furniture piece was not only blemish-free but thanks to the steam cleaning process it was disinfected, too.

Professional upholstery cleaning services Putney SW15

It is immensely hard to upkeep any sofa, regardless how careful you are, accidents still occur and you can’t defy all upholstery blemishes. That’s why “Number One Carpet Cleaning” in Putney SW15 has amazing offers for anyone in need of urgent professional upholstery cleaning help.

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