Professional sofa restoration services in Ealing W5


It would be great to know that whenever you invest in upholstered furniture, it would withstand the test of time to the best of its ability and the money would have been more than well spent. But regardless of how nicely made one soft furnishing is, its quality won’t be timeless unless you make an effort to upkeep it properly.

We at “Number One Carpet Cleaning” cannot stress enough how important it is to maintain your upholstery, in order to prolong its lifespan and simultaneously have a healthier indoor environment. Unfortunately, some overlook the cleaning of these furniture pieces and that’s when our team of professional upholstery cleaners comes to save the day.

Restoration of upholstered furniture

Opting for regular upholstery cleaning is always better than splurging on new furniture or looking for a reliable professional to restore it. However, the restoration process may sometimes be the best way to go, if you wish to make more sustainable choices.

upholstery cleaning ealing before and after

A client of ours had experienced similar inconveniences - after their tenants had left the student accommodation, they’ve been renting out, the upholstered furniture was totally tarnished with all sorts of stains. Since these blemishes had been caused over a longer time span, they had already gotten embedded deeply into the fibres.

Our professional upholstery cleaners in Ealing W5 were more than capable of dealing with these unpleasant sanitary issues.

How we restore stained upholstery

Since the staining was caused by a myriad of different food groups and beverages, it was crucial that our team used more concentrated and strong detergents, so that the blemishes could be eliminated. After the initial vacuuming, all heavily stained areas were covered with a pre-treatment. Thanks to the application of this agent, the hot water extraction machine was able to do a decent job at removing the dirt the first time, but another two rounds were needed to fully clean the sofa.

The given procedure was repeated until the colour of the fabric was even everywhere. At the end the upholstered furniture was dried, in order to prevent mildew in the crevices and additional deodorization was carried out. This service enabled our customer to keep the sofa in question and save a lot of money, which would otherwise have been spent on a brand new soft furnishing.

Do you need to have your upholstery professionally restored?

“Number One Carpet Cleaning” is the upholstery cleaning company in Ealing W5, which would bring back all your soft furnishings to life by providing them with the needed maintenance.

Read more about our professional sofa cleaning service in Ealing and leave all the work to our experienced team!