Specialist Cleaning Services In London

We offer a range of specialist cleaning services to complement our domestic and commercial cleaning options, providing you with an easily managed and cost-effective, complete cleaning programme.

From curtain cleaning and window cleaning, to hard floor cleaning and stain protection, our expert technicians deliver a fast and friendly first-class service.

Our Cleaning Service

uses the latest market-leading equipment to beautifully clean your curtains quickly and expertly. Offering both wet and dry-cleaning techniques to effectively clean curtains of any fabric or size.

For Window Cleaning

we use the latest reach-and-wash window cleaning system to reliably deliver the cleanest windows and solar panels. Using water-fed poles, our system pumps de-ionised and de-mineralised water, at high pressure, through the brush head, straight to your windows. De-ionised water is highly effective at quickly dissolving dirt, and excess water evaporates to leave you with sparkling, streak-free windows.

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Our Hard Floor Cleaning Service

offers the perfect cleaning treatments and equipment for a wide range of hard flooring, including stone floors, wooden surfaces, porcelain, ceramic and vinyl. Whether you’re a homeowner, or manage a commercial space, such as an office, a retail outlet, a hotel entrance, or a school hall, our team of specialists will professionally clean and maintain your hard flooring.

Our High-Pressure Jet Wash Service

uses the latest pressure washing machines to effectively clean and restore the exterior of your domestic or commercial property. Our fully trained technicians are experienced in cleaning a wide range of external surfaces, including driveways, patios, brickwork and timber decking.

Our specialized cleaning services are an add on created by customer demand over the years. Our Services provides:

  • Great value for money services – we can provide combined services to our clients and this way keep the cost down.
  • On-site curtain cleaning to minimise disruption to your business or home and accelerated drying times – clean and dry within 1 hour!
  • Professional window cleaning using extendable water-fed poles to reach windows/panels up to 18 metres from the ground.
  • Professional hard floor restoration – we strip, clean and reseal a wide variety of surfaces to ensure your floors are in perfect condition.
  • Flexible cleaning arrangements, such as one-off, monthly or quarterly cleans, to suit your schedule

Curtains cleaning

When it comes to curtains cleaning our technician will first advice on the correct cleaning products and methods for your curtain fabric. A variety of cleaning methods, including hot water extraction, steam cleaning and dry cleaning can be the most effective cleaning.

Great Value for money window cleaning is achieved by modern technology using a purified water to clean windows outside leaving to trace or drips.

Our hard floor cleaning technicians are experienced in maintaining a whole variety of floors and will provide a professional advice the choose the right method, working in flexible hours to avoid disruption to your home or business.

Professional Specialized Cleaning Services give you


Flexible working hours for minimal disruption to your business or home


Expert advice on the correct cleaning products and methods


Fast and friendly service from fully trained technicians


Outstanding cleaning performance with longer lasting results

Our SPECIALIZED Cleaning Process

We will move furniture where possible like tables, chairs etc. Anything that if flat on the carpet we will suggest to not be moved as the carpet won`t be able to dry properly underneath.
We will pre-spray the carpets with the appropriate chemicals and to help to loosen dirt and stains.
The method known as steam cleaning. The machines spray hot water into the carpets and extracts it right back. This way the water circulate through the carpets, dissolves and extracts all dirt, bacteria and leaves in in dirt and chemicals free state.
Where necessary we will treat every stain individually wit the appropriate stain removal chemical
Our Phenomenal Nano Protection is available as extra option for you now. This will provide you protection for your carpet until the next time we clean it. You can easily mop up spillages and it will prolong the life of the carpet as well as no grit will adhere to the fibres and wear it out through its grinding action. In our professional opinion this last step is a must in order to prevent spills set deep in. Scotch guarding will be charged separately.
After that thorough carpet cleaning for a perfect finish of your carpets we will gently spray antibacterial carpet deodorant which will dry off on your carpet and will keep its fresh aroma for weeks.

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