Cleaning an office carpet in Fulham


Although office spaces are meant to be neat and organised the same way the entire work process should be completed, it is inevitable for unpleasant mishaps to occur. Even at a place where there are mainly stationary supplies laying around, you can still manage to create a mess, which would leave a long lasting mark on either a furniture piece or the carpeting.

Stain removal for commercial carpets

A medical practice office had contacted our carpet cleaning company in Fulham SW6 -“Number One Carpet Cleaning” to book a professional commercial carpet cleaning service. As the representative explained what the main problem with the carpet was, we immediately suggested that we provide them with a special stain removal service, which would guarantee better results in that exact scenario.

Our professional carpet cleaners arrived at the medical practice office and examined the state of the carpeting. There was some severe staining which unfortunately had been left to soak in the carpet. However, we were prepared to do everything possible, in order to leave the surface with as few blemishes as possible.

big stains on office carpet
clean carpets in office

How we get rid of carpet stains

The carpet cleaners vacuumed the carpet thoroughly so that there were no chunks of dirt and dust left hiding between the fibres. Then they pre-treated the designated area with a special stain removal solution and let it sit for a while. The high point of the entire procedure was the steam cleaning process, which helped eliminate any unwanted bacteria and additional grime from the carpeting. Thanks to the high-end machinery we used, the stain was gradually removed and the floor was once again looking good and blemish-free.

Professional commercial carpet cleaning services Fulham SW6

The atmosphere in the workplace has to exude steadiness and respectability, which is the reason why the workers have to take care of the space they spend most of their day in. And since sanitary accidents are unavoidable “Number One Carpet Cleaning” is here to assist with any carpet cleaning problems, which have occurred in a commercial environment.

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