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We all try to keep our carpets, rugs and sofas clean, but some things are just out of our control - be that someone walks in with muddy shoes, your lovely dog or cat have accident on the carpet or you just spill a cup of coffee or a glass of wine on your precious oriental rug. In such cases it is important to act quickly, but more important is to follow the correct process to clean up the mess.

How to clean stains from carpet or sofa?

Removing stains from rugs, carpets or upholstery is not a simple job, still with the proper detergents and technique most of the stains can be completely cleaned. Of course this depends on several factors - how old the stain is, what is the stain from, what is the colour and material of the carpet, how thick is it and many more.

While our professional carpet cleaning technicians in Wandsworth have years of experience and have faced hundreds of different cases, we would like to share a bit of our knowledge with you.

In order to avoid any damage (especially on expensive rugs or sofas) and discoloration we highly recommend to leave this job to us and give us a call on 020 3632 3212

Red Wine Stain Removal

Stains from spilled red wine are one of the hardest to clean. The key here is to use low PH stain removal chemicals combined with rinse and extraction. Usually it takes more than one attempt to remove the stain. It is easier to treat the carpet immediately than leaving it for later. Professional Carpet Steam Cleaners are more successful in removing the wine from deep within carpet fibers.

Cleaning of Coffee Stains

When it comes to such stains a speciffic stain removal process must be followed precisely. For maximum effect professional chemicals must be applied in particular order. Online you can find different "tips & tricks" how to make a homemade solutions using mixture of chlorine bleach, ammonia, water and soap but we don`t recommend that - such detergent might work, but it depends on the material of the carpet and there is a high risk of damage. If you face such situation, better leave it to us.

How to Remove Mud Stains from Carpets?

The faster you try to clean such stain, the better chance you have to clean it completely. Remove any hard debris with vacuum cleaner. If you do it by hand be careful to not use too much pressure. Dip a cloth into a stain-removal solution and dab repeatedly. Make sure to choose the right detergent for the material because there is a risk of damage. Press the cloth on the spot for few seconds. After 15 minutes extract the excess chemical with a dry white cloth. Dab repeatedly with another dry white cloth and press on the area for a couple of seconds.

Pet Urine Stains removal

Pet accidents are something common if you have a cat or dog at home.

We have dedicated a full article on the effects that Pet urine may cause to your carpets and how can we help you out. Check full information about the service here:

Pet Urine Removal Service

Our technicians in Wandsworth are specialized in removing of all kind of stains from any type of fabrics - from standard carpets to expensive oriental & persian rugs. If it happens to have such stubborn stain we always recommend to leave the job to professionals like us - we can help you on a short notice and competitive rates. Sometimes if the stain is treated not in a proper way it can become even harder to clean. Save yourself the hassles and call us on 020 3632 3212.

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