Synthetic rug restoration and cleaning service in Putney SW15


Synthetic rugs have always been favoured by those who wish not to put too much effort in maintaining their floor coverings. Although these rug materials don’t require much intense cleaning procedures, when not regularly maintained they can turn into completely unappealing and gross pieces of synthetic fabric. “Number One Carpet Cleaning” Putney can both clean and restore your synthetic rugs, without even invading your personal space during the service of your choice.

Off-site synthetic rug cleaning

Our rug cleaning company completes various rug cleaning services on a daily basis and as we have expanded our business to providing off-site cleaning services, most customers have opted for this new offer of ours.

Not long ago a customer of ours had called us to book a regular rug cleaning service in Putney SW15, without realising that their floor covering is in a desperate need of more than just vacuuming and steam cleaning. As our professional rug cleaners arrived at the given address, they inspected the rug in question and stated that the synthetic rug needed professional restoration. The client agreed that their rug should be taken care of in our special off-site rug cleaning facility and we transported it to the place where it would be properly treated.

dirty rug Putney SW15
rug cleaning Putney sw15

Not only did the rug cleaners remove any dirt and dust stuck in the fibres of the floor covering, but they also applied special stain removal solutions and prepared it for the in-depth restoration process. Deep cleaning of this rug was only made possible with our modern cleaning machinery and the environment allowed the rug cleaners to exploit the needed restoration methods to their full potential.

The Pick-up and drop off rug cleaning service was a total success - after we delivered the rug back, our customer was in disbelief that their rug had undergone such a great transformation.

On this page you can find more information about our Off-site rug cleaning service.

Professional rug cleaners Putney SW15

Don’t wait for your synthetic rug to look completely rugged before you finally decide to take action and have it cleaned. Although they are low-maintenance, these types of rugs need regular upkeep, too.

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