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Soft furnishings are not only charming us with their unique appeal, they also contribute a lot for our day-to-day comfort. It takes only one well-made fluffy and warm sofa to have a cosy and welcoming home. However, such upholstered pieces require frequent and proper maintenance, in order to preserve their quality.

Don't stress too much about choosing the right sofa cleaning solutions, instead - hire a professional upholstery cleaning company like "Number One Carpet Cleaning" to transform your favourite furniture pieces.

What type of upholstery cleaning services do we provide?

Upholstered furniture can be very hard to upkeep due to the specifics of the different fabric types. Since our team of professional cleaners has performed many carpet cleaning services, too, they have obtained a lot of experience working on all types of materials. That's how we've also come to be very good at dealing with sanitary and restoration issues regarding upholstered furniture.

We've established a few different cleaning routines, which are all effective in their own way. That means that regardless of the type of fabric we're set to operate on, we're prepared with providing the most adequate option.

The cleaning service can be performed on almost every type of soft furnishings - dining chairs, sofas, ottomans, armchairs, etc. Depending on their construction and the cleaning method we've chosen, the duration of the service varies, however it does result in the most satisfactory way possible.

These are the cleaning techniques we work with, when set out to clean upholstery:

Steam cleaning upholstery

This is probably the best and most efficient way to deep clean upholstery - all we use is a reliable hot water extraction machine and a dryer. This cleaning approach is very straightforward, convenient and fast to complete, however it's not appropriate for all fabrics.

This type of cleaning service is mostly performed on durable and made out of mainstream synthetic materials. And after the professional has inspected the given upholstery and stated that it's eligible for this treatment, that's how our team proceeds with the service:

  • The entire surface is vacuumed and sometimes agitation is also needed, in order to really get as much of the embedded dust out of the fibres.
  • The stain removal process consists of the pre-treatment of any blemishes with a spot eliminating solution.
  • Sometimes we even have to apply more agitation, so that most of the collected dust is properly vacuumed.
  • Steam cleaning comes on after the stain treatment and that process consists of injecting hot water and upholstery detergent directly into the fibres and then extracting all the filth that has been stuck deep in the fabric.
  • A professional dryer is then used to finish off the service.
  • There are additional steps like deodorising and the application of stain protector, which can be completed, if required by the customer.

Dry cleaning procedure

The finer the upholstery fabric is, the more delicate approach needs to be considered when performing any sanitation treatment. Dry cleaning is mostly appropriate for materials like suede and linen, which can be damaged, if treated otherwise.

The dry cleaning procedure includes:

  • The upholstery is deeply vacuumed, so that the build up dust is completely eliminated.
  • The dry cleaning agent used in the cleaning process is water-free and when in contact with the filth it unleashes its sanitation powers.
  • After every inch of the fabric has been treated with that solution, any leftover product and dirt is dry extracted.

Although dry cleaning may not be as effective when it comes to the removal of stains, it still does a pretty good job at rejuvenating the appearance of the upholstery.

Cleaning solutions for more delicate upholstery

Our upholstery cleaning company is also prepared to work on finer upholstery like silk, which requires more effort and certain cleaning methods, if it is to preserve its material qualities.

This is how this special treatment is completed:

  • After the upholstery has been gently vacuumed, additional agitation will be performed for better dusting results.
  • The fabric will be covered with a professional fast dry shampoo, which will start turning into foam once penetrated into the surface with a white towel.
  • The final step includes the actual removal of all the embedded filth and the excess cleaning product.

Are you in need of Professional Sofa Cleaning Battersea SW11?

Our company operates in many Greater London boroughs, including Battersea, which is greatly famous for its scenic parks and riverside. Not only will you have a pleasant residence experience in this area but also a bunch of professionals, who will help you with any sanitary issue.

"Number One Carpet Cleaning" is not only good at cleaning carpets but also at providing fully insured professional upholstery cleaning services. Thanks to us upholstery cleaning in Battersea is more accessible than ever with our flexible scheduling and fair pricing of the services.

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