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Your soft furnishings are almost always in need of a deep clean - they collect filth and a ton of bacteria, which must be eliminated, if you wish to both live in a healthy environment and preserve your upholstery for as long as possible.

"Number One Carpet Cleaning" is here to provide you with the upholstery cleaning services of every housekeeper's dreams.

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Professional upholstery cleaning in Chelsea

Our upholstery cleaning company is proud of its team of professional upholstery cleaners, which is trained to overcome any sanitary disaster. The extensive portfolio and the affirmative feedback from our customers proves that our ability to do cleaning miracles is valid.

Since we specialise in carpet and upholstery cleaning, we have a great arsenal of professional equipment, which help both our upholstery and carpet cleaners endure any cleaning inconveniences.

When it comes to soft furnishings we have established three different cleaning methods in our practice which would fulfil our goal of cleaning different upholstery fabrics. Yes, not only is the shape and size important when picking out upholstered pieces, but also the fabric - when not chosen wisely, you might end up seeking professional help all the time due to the high maintenance the upholstery would require.

Here's a brief explanation of the different cleaning procedures we complete when called on duty:

Steam cleaning upholstered furniture

This is the most used and efficient upholstery cleaning method, because it allows you to deep clean the upholstery all while retrieving its initial fluff and colours.

The procedure is quite straightforward because it revolves around the exploitation of the almighty hot water extraction machine.

  • First, we vacuum the entire upholstered furniture piece, so that most of the loose dirt comes out.
  • Stain removal detergent will, too, be applied if there are visible blemishes on the surface.
  • The steam cleaner injects both hot water and cleaning agent all while extracting all the embedded filth straight from the depths of the fibres.
  • The drying process is also recommended, though not compulsory - it will prevent mould from appearing in the crevices.
  • The application of stain protector and deodorization are optional.

Dry upholstery cleaning Chelsea

If the upholstery fabric is finer and won't be able to withstand steam cleaning, the upholstery cleaner will most likely perform the so called "dry cleaning" procedure.

  • The surface is vacuumed and more agitation could be applied, in order to get as much dust and loose dirt from the fabric.
  • A special water-free solvent is penetrated onto the upholstery. It is going to start breaking all bacteria chains and grime.
  • After that the excess agent and the collected dirt is removed with a clean towel.

Although this cleaning process isn't as efficient as the steam cleaning one, it still works wonders for some fabrics like suede and linen.

Cleaning delicate upholstery fabrics

When our team has to work on upholstery, which should be treated with more caution like silk, then we opt for completing the following procedure.

  • The fabric is prepared for the process - vacuuming or just agitation are performed.
  • A fast dry shampoo is then applied with the help of a clean white towel. This agent is lightly penetrated on the fabric and that's how dry foam will start to appear.
  • At the end, all the leftover product is cleaned with another clean white towel.

Remember that this type of service is only performed in certain cases and isn't as invasive as the previously mentioned procedures.

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