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Most of us don't realise just how much dirt there is at home. Although we're used to vacuuming and wiping dust off of flat surfaces, there is still a lot more to be done, if you want to live in a healthy environment and it is to clean your soft furnishings.

Here's how you can have all your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned by "Number One Carpet Cleaning" :

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What upholstery cleaning procedures do we use?

The same way we choose how comfortable our sofa has to be, we must also choose the proper cleaning techniques and chemicals which would best suit the needs of the upholstery fabric. No soft furniture will have a long lifespan, unless you put in the effort to upkeep it with high-quality products and tools. That's why our mission is to be able to provide as many options as needed to fulfil different demands.

In our practice we have been able to work on both regular, mainstream upholstery fabrics and on more rare and luxurious ones, which has helped us gain the expertise we have. Based on our experience we have come to terms with the most requested cleaning methods and upon that we've established effective cleaning services.

These are the different types of upholstery cleaning services, we provide:

Steam cleaning method

Most budget-friendly and durable fabrics are the easiest to clean, and that allows us to use the most common upholstery cleaning method which involves the so called hot water extraction machine. This is how we perform a regular steam cleaning procedure:

  • Of course, inspection of the upholstery is mandatory and after it has become clear whether the upholstery cleaners can apply this method, we proceed further with it.
  • Vacuuming is always completed before the grand treatment.
  • Sometimes we even have to apply more agitation, so that most of the collected dust is properly vacuumed.
  • If the fabric has visible blemishes, there is a special stain removal step, which consists of the pre-treatment of all stubborn stains with a professional cleaning detergent.
  • The steam cleaning process is very self-explanatory - the nozzle sprays hot water and sanitising solution deep into the fabric and then withdraws all the filth.
  • At the end we also recommend drying the upholstery with our drying machine, which will prepare the surface for immediate use and will prevent the unpleasant mildew from appearing in the crevices.

If you wish to have your upholstery freshened up with a nice scent, we can totally deodorise it upon request.

Dry cleaning method

Professional sofa cleaning is always coordinated with the specifics of the fabric which is set to undergo treatment. Dry cleaning isn't the most efficient way to deep clean upholstery, but it is indeed the best we can do for more delicate fabrics.

  • The sofa fabric is vacuumed, so that the surface is set free of loose dirt.
  • Once again, agitation could also be performed for extra assurance that most of the dust is taken out of the upholstery.
  • A special water-free agent is then applied to the fabric. This solvent is able to eliminate most of the embedded dirt and bacteria.
  • Everything is dry extracted from the surface.

Cleaning very fine upholstery

Those who are very specific about having the highest quality and comfortable soft furnishings usually go for finer fabrics like velvet and silk. But such materials are really hard to upkeep, especially without the help of professional upholstery cleaners. That's why our team is prepared to work on more delicate fabrics, too.

  • The surface of the upholstery is always vacuumed with extra caution.
  • The fast dry shampoo is the culmination of the service - this extraordinary solvent is penetrated into the fabric with a white towel.
  • Once this cleaning product unlocks its powers, dry foam starts to appear.
  • The remaining solvent is cleaned with another clean towel.

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Clapham is a nice place to reside in with its numerous green spaces, great local businesses and overall tranquil atmosphere. And if you want to spend more of your free time outside, enjoying the mentioned commodities, instead of worrying about cleaning your upholstered dining chairs, "Number One carpet Cleaning" is one call away.

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