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When picking out a sofa for your living room there are a few requirements most people have - it has to suit the interior of the place, to provide a decent level of comfort and of course, it would be perfect, if the price fits in the budget. However, there is one major concern everyone seems to forget about, when purchasing upholstery furniture pieces - the maintenance. Are they easy to upkeep? What type of equipment would I need to clean it? These are all questions which all of a sudden slip our minds the moment we finally come across an appealing offer.

"Number One Carpet Cleaning" is here to erase all upholstery maintenance worries by providing professional upholstery cleaning services for domestic and commercial clients.

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Types of upholstery cleaning services

Our team of professional upholstery cleaners in Chiswick W4 can perform a few different cleaning methods, depending on the type of fabric we have been hired to treat. The tools and machinery we work with are intended for professional use and never fail to deliver the desired results.

The technician always inspects the upholstered furniture so that they can make sure the right technique would be used. That means that there are different approaches for sofa cleaning, for example - if the upholstery is nylon we can do a regular deep clean, but if it's silk or velvet we would have to use cleaning products and tools, which won't cause any harm to the fabric.

Here are the different types of upholstery treatment we can provide:

Deep cleaning common upholstery fabrics

  • Every inch of the soft furnishing is thoroughly vacuumed, in order to reduce the amount of loose dirt.
  • Depending on the condition of the fabric, extra agitation can be applied, so that we can get as much dust as possible out of the upholstery.
  • If there are visible blemishes, a special stain removal detergent is applied to the problematic areas.
  • Hot water extraction is the most important part of the treatment - this procedure enables the elimination of all embedded grime and also disinfects the fabric.
  • The service can also include deodorization and application of stain protector, but it is only completed upon the customer's request.

Dry cleaning procedure

There are upholstery fabrics, which shouldn't be exposed to steam cleaning and regular detergents, which makes it harder for the common and inexperienced person to clean their soft furnishings, without ruining either the colour or the texture of the fabric.

Dry cleaning is a great option for linen, which is known for its ability to wrinkle and even shrink, when treated improperly.

  • We start with vacuuming, which will help create a cleaner surface.
  • A key part of this service is the solvent, which is water-free and therefore enables low-moisture treatment.
  • The solvent is applied over every inch of the upholstery and scrubbed gently into the depths of the fibres.
  • With a clean white towel the excess product and collected dirt is removed.

Although this upholstery cleaning service isn't as effective as the regular steam cleaning, the results are better than nothing and most importantly - such professional cleaning comes with a guarantee.

Treatment of more delicate upholstery

The finer the upholstery is, the better it is to leave the cleaning to professional cleaners. Low-moisture sanitation is suitable for fabrics like velvet and silk. No matter how luxurious your upholstered furniture is, it'll still gather dirt and at some point in time, you'd have to do something, in order to prevent further damage of the already delicate materials.

  • The procedure is completed with a professional fast dry shampoo, which is used for dissolving build up filth.
  • After the agent is lightly scrubbed, dry foam starts to form and when needed extra agitation is also performed, so that there's no leftover dirt.
  • Dry extraction is used to remove any remaining cleaning product and grime.

This procedure is best performed by our professional upholstery cleaners, who can complete thorough cleaning methods, even when treating a non-conventional fabric.

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Don't forget to upkeep your most used furniture pieces like upholstery dining chairs and sofas. Whether it's obvious or not, the place you like to rest and watch TV on is constantly gathering dirt. Get in touch with our Upholstery cleaners in Chiswick and we`ll assist you with the maintenance of your soft furnishings.

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