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"Number One Carpet Cleaning" is an upholstery cleaning company in Ealing W5 with great experience in the field of cleaning services and the one provider of assistance you would need when dealing with the upkeep of your upholstery.

How do we perform professional upholstery cleaning?

Apart from allowing somebody else to do your household chores, there are many perks to hiring professional upholstery cleaners. You're not the one purchasing and storing the advanced machinery and the detergents. That also means that you have to trust those who have expertise in such procedures and are set to carry out only trusted cleaning methods.

We can work on all types of upholstery fabrics and furniture structures - from a silk couture armchair to a family sized ottoman. With that being said, there are different approaches to treating all existing upholstered furniture. There is no such thing as a one cleaning method fits all kinds of materials. That's why our team is trained to perform three different upholstery cleaning procedures, according to the characteristics of the upholstery fabric.

Below are briefly explained the different cleaning methods we carry out in our practice:

Steam cleaning upholstery

This regular cleaning procedure is the best option for common and mass produced upholstery fabrics, which are durable and can withstand high pressure sanitation and water infusion. Mostly synthetic materials and cotton can be treated with a hot water extraction machine, because no damage is caused during the deep cleaning. That would mean that, for example, a typical sofa cleaning service would consist of the following steps:

  • The upholstery is cleaned with a vacuum machine, so that the loose dust is brought to the minimum.
  • After a cleaner surface appears, stain removal is completed as follows - any visible blemishes are covered with a special spot eliminating detergent.
  • The steam cleaning procedure is the pinnacle of the service - the hot water extraction process enforces the elimination of deeply embedded filth through high pressure and steam. This also leaves the surface with no trace of bacteria and allergens thanks to the disinfecting afer effect.
  • Drying is optional, however in some environments it is mandatory, so that no mould appears in between the edges of the still moist fabric.
  • The application of stain protector and deodorizing can too be completed upon the customer's request.

Dry cleaning delicate upholstery

If the upholstery is made out of a delicate fabric, which demands a different cleaning approach, dry cleaning always comes to the rescue. This cleaning method is low-moisture and although it's not as thorough as the regular steam clean, it still does the job by eliminating most of the filth.

  • Vacuuming is still performed, in order to prepare the fabric for the actual treatment.
  • Agitation is also a part of the procedure, because it helps with getting out as much build up dust as possible.
  • The special agent we apply has no water in it and is therefore suitable for the cleaning of fabrics like linen, for example, which wrinkle easily.
  • This process is followed by dry extraction of all the excess cleaning product and the leftover grime.

Treatment of really fine upholstery fabrics

There are fabrics like silk which would better be treated with extra caution, which is why we provide a special upholstery cleaning service, which is coordinated with the needs of finer materials.

  • The surface is covered with a fast dry shampoo, which when penetrated onto the fabric starts turning into dry foam.
  • This agent can break down quite a bit of the build up filth, but is less effective compared to the previously mentioned procedures.
  • After that everything is cleaned with a white towel.

Professional sofa cleaning Ealing W5

Ealing may be a great place to live in with its great infrastructure and interesting history, especially the one related to the film industry, but residents should not pay attention only to the fascinating exterior of this borough but also to their own interior at home.

"Number One Carpet Cleaning" is well-known not only for its carpet cleaners, but also for its team of perfectly trained sofa cleaners. Upholstery cleaning in Ealing is no longer a struggle for those seeking professional help.

Fill out the contact form to secure a professional upholstery cleaning service, which will rejuvenate not only the current condition of your soft furnishings but also the hygiene level of your indoor space.

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