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It would be hard to imagine what our homes would look and feel like without upholstered furniture - there would be no soft seating areas to lounge on and the level of comfort would be brought down to the minimum. That's why these types of furniture pieces have evolved over the centuries and we have the privilege to choose between all kinds of upholstery, which would suit our taste and the atmosphere we want to enjoy indoors.

However, great responsibility comes with the ownership of upholstery - not only is it more complicated to upkeep than expected, but there are also additional reparation expenses after sanitary and other physical damages.

No regular person is prepared to deal with any of the mentioned hassles, plus the different types of upholstery fabrics require special treatment, which is best provided by professionals responsible for upholstery cleaning services. "Number One Carpet Cleaning" will not only help you with any professional carpet cleaning tasks, but we also specialise in upholstery cleaning. This gives us a leg up when working for customers of different calibre, who need both types of cleaning assistance.

Perks of hiring our professional upholstery cleaners

  1. Upholstery cleaners have the know-how to eliminate stubborn stains of different origin.
  2. All soft furnishings are treated based on their individual material characteristics and therefore the longevity of the entire furniture piece isn't compromised.
  3. It is recommended that delicate fabrics are cleaned only by professionals with prior experience in working on such upholstery materials.
  4. A deep clean of any upholstery is only possible with the proper high class machinery used by professionals.
  5. Dust and dirt will be removed from all the edges and crevices in the structure of the furniture.
  6. The lifespan of the upholstery is prolonged when treated by people, who know the best way to maintain its fresh appearance and decent level of hygiene.
  7. The colours of the upholstery fabric won't lose their vibrancy too soon, when cleaned with the proper method.
  8. You're guaranteed to receive the best service, if you choose our team of eligible upholstery cleaners.

How do we perform upholstery cleaning services?

Every professional cleaning service distinguishes itself from traditional sanitation practices by including the use of special machinery and the application of more innovative cleaning methods. Sometimes there could be confusion as to why it's necessary to hire someone experienced to do the job instead of learning to do the cleaning tasks by yourself, that's people don't leave any room for professional cleaning services in the budget.

"Number One Carpet Cleaning" is the one upholstery cleaning company in Fulham SW6, which provides top-notch assistance in dealing with any types of upholstery maintenance issues by implementing modern cleaning approaches that can be performed on all types of furniture pieces - from two-seater sofas to big leather ottomans.

With that being said, here are the different treatments our upholstery cleaners could approach when working on different upholstery fabrics:

Regular upholstery cleaning service

The condition of each upholstered furniture is assessed prior to choosing the proper treatment. After it has been stated what the material is and what cleaning methods it can handle, the upholstery cleaners can proceed with the actual service.

  • Vacuuming is the first step to achieving the desired results - all the soil and loose pet hair will be immediately removed, so that we can work on a dust-free surface.
  • Spots and stains are handled by applying a stain removal agent, which will help dissolve old and crusty blemishes.
  • The main procedure includes steam cleaning performed with a hot water extraction machine, which is powerful enough to turn any regular sofa steam cleaning into substantial deep cleaning.
  • Using a dryer will accelerate the drying process and also ensures that there's no trapped excess moisture in any of the edges of the furniture piece.
  • Deodorizing can too be applied, if the customer wishes their upholstery pieces to have a lasting fresh smell.
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Dry cleaning upholstery

There are many upholstery fabrics which cannot be steam cleaned, which is when dry cleaning has to be performed, in order to keep materials like suede clean, yet not harmed. This procedure may not be considered thorough cleaning but it still does the job, when there's no other cleaning option.

  • After the vacuuming is completed, the upholstery is treated with a special solvent, which is applied to the entire surface.
  • This agent is what makes the procedure very low-moisture.
  • A white towel is used to lightly scrub the solvent deep into the upholstery.
  • In the end another clean piece of cloth is used to remove all the excess agent.

This cleaning approach is performed by both upholstery and carpet cleaners, because of its efficiency in cleaning delicate materials.

Finer fabrics treatment

Although they're not that common, finer fabrics are still used as upholstery for more high-end and couture furniture pieces. When working on such upholstery, our technicians know that they have to bring their best foot forward, in order to achieve outstanding results and avoid causing any harm to the delicate material of the furniture.

  • We use a fast dry shampoo made especially for upholstery.
  • The shampoo turns into dry foam when penetrated into the surface.
  • This cleaning product is strong enough to eliminate most of the dirt and bacteria stuck in the fabric fibres.
  • Depending on the condition of the upholstery, extra agitation can also be caused, so that more of the embedded soil comes out.
  • After all that the leftover foam and the loose filth is dry extracted from the upholstery.

This is a cleaning approach suitable for velvet, silk and other premium fabrics, which must be cleaned with extra caution, in order to prevent damage.

Other cleaning services by Number One Carpet Cleaning in Fulham

Upholstery cleaning in Fulham is more accessible than ever, thanks to "Number One Carpet Cleaning" and its never ending efforts to improve the provision of professional cleaning services in the area.

Our teams are specialized not only in upholstery cleaning, but they also provide deep carpet cleaning in Fulham and rug stain removal from any kind of rugs - be that standard or delicate materials.

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Fulham is one of Greater London’s most prominent residential districts. Many dream of living in this area because of its convenient layout, gorgeous architecture and calm atmosphere. Fulham embodies all advantages of being located close to the metropolitan side of the City, yet excluding the hustle and bustle of it.

Professional upholstery cleaning services are easy to book in this area thanks to “Number One Carpet Cleaning”, which has a well-trained team of upholstery cleaners prepared to tackle any sanitary inconvenience.