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Upholstery in Hammersmith W6 homes requires regular cleaning if occupiers value hygiene. But many people may not have sufficient time to devote for keeping fabrics on sofas and armchairs clean. Hence, dirt and stains keep on accumulating on upholstery materials over a period of time. However, there could be little need to worry as reliable upholstery cleaning services are now easily available in areas around Hammersmith.

Number one carpet cleaning can help you in finding quality professional upholstery cleaners to do away with the rigors of the process. Take advantage of our specialist assistance to get upholstery fabrics in your home cleaned to perfection. Results are guaranteed and all our cleaning services are reasonably priced for the value you will get. Secure a free on-site evaluation and obtain an estimate of the expenses involved.

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How we provide Upholstery cleaning in Hammersmith W6?

  • Cleaners will remove items like lint from sofas, armchairs, cushions and pillows. Thereafter, the upholstery fabrics will be vacuumed.
  • For loosening dirt and dissolving stains, hot water solution will be sprayed on upholstery material.
  • The process is followed by deep steaming of the upholstery material to render it crystal clean.

What Exactly Is a Professional Upholstery Cleaning?

Typically, upholstery cleaning can be referred to as a process for removing dirt and stains from household items like sofas, curtains, armchairs, cushions and pillows that have composite covers made of fabrics. By getting upholstery cleaned, the life of these items can be invariably increased.

Nevertheless, removal of stains and dirt from fabrics that has accumulated over long time periods is not an easy task, expert assistance could be required.

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Why Choose Our Upholstery Cleaning Company Hammersmith Services


Carpet cleaning services customized to clients’ specific upholstery cleaning needs.


Team of professional cleaners is certified and trained to clean all types of upholstery.


Pricing is competitive for the level of upholstery cleaning services that are being provided.


Same day cleaning services and support help is available 24/7, 365 days.

Benefit With Our Simple 5 Step Upholstery Cleaning Hammersmith Process

Upholstery fabrics will be first vacuumed for removal of dry soil and dirt. This is a crucial step in the entire cleaning process as dry soil is hard to remove.
Special cleaning materials are used for pre-conditioning fabrics so as to ensure that any soil which is stuck deep inside get loosened. This helps in making rinsing of fabric effective.
If some spots still remain on fabrics during the clean-up process, expert cleaner will deploy special techniques to make sure that they are gone completely and fabric is totally clean.
At times, fabrics may have knaps that need to be directed in a specific direction by effectively using white towel or grooming brush. This requires good degree of cleaning expertise.
Fabrics are then inspected in detail by cleaners and homeowner in what is known as the post inspection process. Homeowner can thereafter give feedback to us if they are pleased.

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professional Upholstery cleaning Hammersmith w6 Prices

We clean upholstery forArea sizePrice
SofaTwo settee£60.00
SofaThree settee£75.00
MattressKing Size£47.00
CurtainsHalf Length£60.00
CurtainsLong Length£80.00
minimum charge£75.00
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