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Maintaining your upholstery furniture clean and fresh looking will always be a struggle, if you don't find the one local professional upholstery cleaning company to provide you with the proper sanitation assistance.

"Number One Carpet Cleaning" in Kensington W8 has an impressive amount of experience in cleaning all types of soft furnishings and is therefore capable of doing magic not only when it comes to treating ordinary upholstery but also not so common and finer upholstery fabrics.

A regular upholstery cleaning service comprises of:

  • Vacuuming the upholstered furniture, in order to prepare the fabric for further treatment.
  • If the fabric is too dense and is therefore prone to collecting a lot of dust, additional agitation is done.
  • The stain removal step consists of pre-treating any problematic areas with a suitable solution, which is left to sit for a few minutes before continuing with the main cleaning procedure.
  • Steam cleaning is the focal point of the service - this procedure enables the elimination of all deeply embedded grime and is highly effective in disinfecting the surfaces which accumulate the most bacteria.
  • At the end of the hot water extraction process the upholstery will be slightly damp, that's why drying is recommended.
  • The application of stain protector and deodorization is completed only upon the customer's request.

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This professional upholstery cleaning service is the most booked one due to its efficiency and fast performance, however there are other upholstery fabrics, which demand a different approach due to their fragility. That's why sometimes what may seem like a regular sofa cleaning service could actually be a more unusual and time-consuming procedure.

Dry cleaning process

Delicate upholstery fabrics require to be treated with less invasive cleaning methods like dry cleaning. Materials like rayon and suede should always be cleaned properly, so that no unwanted damage is caused to them.

This procedure encompasses the following steps:

  • The surface is vacuumed carefully with the proper setting.
  • A water-free solvent is then applied to all visible and hidden parts of the upholstery such as edges and crevices.
  • This low-moisture cleaning method is suitable for those fabrics which wrinkle easily when treated with water-based products.
  • The leftover agent and accumulated filth are dry extracted.

Cleaning delicate upholstery fabrics

Although it would've been great, if all soft furnishings were cleaned with the same effective treatment, that's not really the case. Fine upholstery fabrics like velvet, silk and others cannot withstand either the high pressure of steam cleaning or the not so gentle solvent used in the other low-moisture procedure.

This cleaning method consists of:

  • Applying a fast dry shampoo on the upholstery. This agent is aimed for professional use and treatment of really fine materials.
  • When penetrated into the fabric, this special shampoo turns into dry foam and thus starts deconstructing the build up grime.
  • The remaining product and dirt are cleaned with a white towel.

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Kensington may be a really nice borough to reside in, especially with its abundance of architectural masterpieces and shopping centres. Most often the interior has to match the exterior, therefore furnishing your home with appealing upholstery is key to achieving the desired appearance of the indoors. But it may be hard to find reliable upholstery cleaners in the area, who would be able to help with the upkeep of these soft furnishings.

"Number One Carpet Cleaning" offers upholstery cleaning services for commercial and domestic needs. Regardless of the size or the fabric type, we are equipped with both the cleaning tools and the know-how for completing advanced cleaning procedures.

Contact us to learn more about all our cleaning services and to hire professional upholstery cleaners, who know how to deep clean all types of upholstery!

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Kensington High Street is London’s commercial centre and is known for having several European embassies. The neighbourhood is also famous for some famous gardens, art/music colleges, and Albert memorial, etc.

Number one carpet cleaning started its upholstery cleaning services Kensington W8 some time back and has fast gained reputation for being among the best in the industry especially with regards to stains removal.