Best Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning Services Putney SW15

Probably the toughest and the most tedious part of being a home-owner is cleaning of your home regularly. That not only includes the doors, windows and floors but also the furniture that you would have spent hours buying.

Furniture is an integral part of a comfortable home and is an investment as well. But what is the point of spending your pounds on a magnificent sofa set or an antique table if you cannot maintain them right? And for them to be as good as new, they need regular cleaning.

Our team of professional upholstery cleaners in Putney

are experts in effectively cleaning different types of furniture in a variety of fabrics. Also, with the best-in-class technology, we can give your furniture the makeover it needs!

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Methods Employed by Upholstery Cleaners in Putney SW15

  • You are given a quotation for the service you require.
  • Our cleaners appear on site with the necessary instruments and chemicals.
  • Based on the type of furniture, its condition and fabric, the suitable cleaning method is deduced.
  • Pre-treatment of any stains is carried out.
  • Cleaning is performed; the process may vary according to the upholstery.
  • The upholstery is cleaned and left to dry.

Professional Upholstery Steam Cleaning

can be very sensitive and requires special cleaning techniques. Our professional upholstery cleaning services at Putney use non-toxic chemicals that are bad for the dirt and the stains. If you aren’t happy with the cleaning and think that we have missed something, we would be happy to do that part for you again for free!

Best Upholstery Cleaning Services Putney SW15

Benefits of this Upholstery Cleaning Service


Our service includes a free air mover.


The soft textile covers will now last longer.


Our professionals will give you free tips for the maintenance of your furniture.


The cleaning process is specialized depending upon the type of fabric.

Important steps will be taken in cleaning your upholstery Putney SW15

Our professionals will take a look at your upholstery and examine stains and fabric. They will also tell you if any stain cannot be removed.
Pre-vacuuming is done to get rid of any loose soil or dust particle present on the furniture.
The upholstery is pre-groomed by a groomer depending on how soiled it is.
Air in high speed is blown to dry the water that is present on and in the fabric from its cleaning.
After cleaning, another round of inspection ensures that your upholstery is indeed clean and you are satisfied with the work.

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Effective Upholstery Cleaning Putney Prices

We clean upholstery forArea sizePrice
SofaTwo settee£60.00
SofaThree settee£75.00
MattressKing Size£47.00
CurtainsHalf Length£60.00
CurtainsLong Length£80.00
minimum charge£75.00
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The district of Putney is located in the South-West part of London and is acknowledged as one of the 35 main centres of the Greater London Plan and houses many residential and commercial centres of repute.

Our team of upholstery cleaners in Putney, SW15 does not apply any aggressive method or chemicals that may harm your furniture. Yet, they ensure thorough cleaning to meet your satisfaction. Our cleaning methods have been proven to be effective against stains, dust and bad odour without causing any damage or discolouration to the fabric, thus making it all new again!