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Although upholstery furniture brings immense amounts of comfort and appeal in any home, it is expensive and requires greater efforts in maintaining its condition. That's why you have to take into consideration the services of a professional upholstery cleaning company like "Number One Carpet Cleaning" Wandsworth SW18, which is qualified to assist their clients with any upholstery cleaning issues.

What do Upholstery cleaning services consist of?

Treating different upholstery fabrics is always demanding and unpredictable, especially if you're not aware of how important the choice of a suitable cleaning method is. In order for soft furnishings to have a longer lifespan, their cleaning routine should be in complete compliance with the characteristics of the material.

Our experience has allowed us to choose the proper detergents and the most effective tools, which help us deal with the cleaning process of any upholstered piece. Thanks to the expertise of our upholstery cleaners, we've established an upholstery cleaning service, which satisfies the needs of most types of upholstery.

Here are the different upholstery cleaning methods we use, depending on the characteristics of the fabric:

Hot water extraction procedure

Hot water extraction procedure

A regular sofa cleaning process would be impossible without using a steam cleaner. There are many advantages of performing this sanitation method - it's fast, efficient and eco-friendly. These are the steps we complete when steam cleaning:

  • First, we vacuum each centimetre of the upholstery, so that no leftover crumbs or dist get in the way.
  • If there are any blemishes, we use a stain removal product, which will help eliminate the discoloration of the fibres.
  • The hot water extraction machine then injects a mixture of hot water and upholstery detergent deep into the fabric and extracts all the collected filth immediately after that.
  • After that we usually dry the whole furniture piece with an industrial drying machine, which is going to get rid of any moisture which could possibly lead to the appearance of mould.

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If the client has pets at home, they can always request an additional pet odour removal procedure.

Dry cleaning upholstery fabrics

Not all upholstery materials can be steam cleaned and therefore should be treated in accordance with the specifics of each fabric type. Dry cleaning is a preferred option for cleaning linen and suede. Usually, this procedure includes:

  • Vacuuming and agitation for taking as much dust out of the fibres.
  • Applying a dry cleaning solvent all over the upholstery, which is going to come in contact with any filth and bacteria and gradually dissolve it.
  • The remaining solvent and dirt are dry extracted from the surface.

Cleaning delicate upholstery

As you have already found out, different fabrics need to be treated with caution and the state of their condition should never be overlooked. When treating finer materials the professional service consists of:

  • Carefully vacuuming the surface of the upholstery. If needed, agitation can be applied, too.
  • The cleaning product we use is a special fast dry shampoo, which is lightly scrubbed onto the fabric with a white towel.
  • The moment this agent starts turning into dry foam, you know it's being activated and has started to break the build up layer of filth.
  • After that the leftover agent is removed with another clean piece of cloth.

This is a much less invasive and also less effective cleaning method, but you should keep in mind that it's doing enough to keep your delicate upholstery fresh and good looking.

How to book a professional sofa cleaning service in Wandsworth

There's no such thing as a hassle free option for maintaining your upholstered furniture pieces in a more than just decent condition. The fabric itself is prone to collecting dust, hair, dirt and even being easily stained. However, there are professional upholstery cleaning companies like "Number One Carpet Cleaning", which are able to handle any sanitary mishap and bring life back to your soft furnishings.

Fill out the contact form to get a free quote and don't miss out on the opportunity of hiring our team of professional sofa cleaners, which is trained to satisfy the needs of any upholstery fabric.

Below you can see the before and after results of one of our recent sofa cleaning jobs in Wandsworth:

perfectly cleaned sofa
bad condition sofa


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