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It takes one fluffy and comfortable armchair to make you want more of these soft furnishings in your living room. However, it also takes only one incredibly dirty and poorly maintained sofa to make you wish you would've been more efficient with your upkeep choices.

Regardless of how hard you try to retrieve the initial appearance of your ottoman, the results won't quite satisfy you, that's why you need to hire the professional upholstery cleaners from "Number One Carpet Cleaning" London, who will complete any emergency upholstery maintenance task.

All you need to know about the upholstery cleaning service

"Number One Carpet Cleaning" specialises in upholstery cleaning, too, which enables us to perform at our best by merging knowledge and skills from the other specific cleaning fields we're involved in.

The process of cleaning upholstery is pretty similar to carpet cleaning, but of course there are a few steps in the treatment, which are only suitable for certain upholstery materials. Most people stay away from cleaning their sofas because they're not confident that whatever they undertake, the fabric won't be damaged. That's why our upholstery cleaners are equipped with the right set of cleaning tools and detergents, which are aimed for professional use and thus mishaps are more unlikely to occur.

As of today we perform three different upholstery cleaning methods, depending on the type of material we have to clean.

Regular upholstery deep cleaning

  • The vacuuming comes right after the inspection - it is a significant part of any cleaning service because it leaves the surface dust-free.
  • Agitation is also used on more dense fabrics - it helps loosen the soil which is stuck deep in the material.
  • We usually pre-treat any visible blemishes with a stain removal solution.
  • Steam cleaning comes after the stain treatment and it is considered to be the best carpet and upholstery cleaning method, because the hot water extraction machine is powerful enough to eject all the build up grime and eliminates bacteria and allergens.
  • When requested we finish off the service by drying the upholstery and also we can apply additional deodorizer.

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Upholstery dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is "less-aggressive" and even less effective compared to the regular steam cleaning service, however there are fabrics like suede and polyester, which have to be treated differently, in order to preserve their appearance and longevity.

  • In the beginning the upholstery cleaner vacuums the entire furniture piece.
  • Then a special ready-to-use solvent is applied to the surface.
  • A white piece of cloth is used to press against the treated area and carefully blot away the embedded agent.
  • With another clean towel the rest of the solvent is completely cleaned from the surface.

This low-moisture cleaning procedure may not be as invasive, but it still allows cleaners to perform a cleaning service, which leaves the upholstery furniture way cleaner than before.

Cleaning finer upholstery fabrics

Although they're not that common, silk, cotton and velvet upholstered furniture still is preferred by those seeking high-end comfort. However, no regular person would be able to properly clean such delicate fabrics, that's why our upholstery cleaners are prepared to perform a special cleaning procedure, which won't harm the material of the upholstery.

  • A fast dry upholstery shampoo is the number one product we use when treating finer fabrics.
  • This solution turns into dry foam, which is then applied to the surface.
  • The shampoo formula is strong enough to suspend any embedded filth, but won't cause any damage to the fabric fibres.
  • A little agitation can be applied, too, in order to help loosen up any leftover soil.
  • At the end of the cleaning process everything left on the surface is dry extracted.

This low-moisture cleaning system is perfect for all those high-end furniture pieces, which cannot be part of our regular domestic cleaning tasks. The special foamy solution will do wonders when used by professionals.

Upholstery Cleaning FAQ

We have gathered for you the most common questions we received regarding uppholstery cleaning.

What is the best upholstery cleaning method?

Steam cleaning is the most efficient and preferred by professionals, but it cannot be used on all types of fabrics, because it may cause shrinking or other damage. Therefore any cleaning method can be deemed as the best one as long as it does the job without causing harm to the upholstery.

How often should you have your upholstery furniture cleaned?

This may depend on the type of fabric, but it is universally accepted that deep upholstery cleaning should be done at least once or twice a year.

Is professional upholstery cleaning worth it?

Yes, it is worth it opting for professional assistance when it comes to treating such furniture pieces. At the end of the day the sofa you sit on, sleep on, have friends lounging on deserves to be maintained by professional sofa cleaners, who are trained to deliver visible results.

How much does upholstery cleaning in London cost?

It can be anywhere from £20 to £100. Since there are many different types of upholstered furniture and they all come in different sizes and are made out of specific fabrics, the prices always vary. Price is also affected by the quality of the service provided - some companies use cheaper products or skip important steps of the process.

Why hire a professional upholstery cleaning company?

  • You won't waste any time attempting to do the job by yourself.
  • You will most certainly get what you paid for.
  • The upholstery will be properly maintained and will therefore last for years down the line.

Upholstery cleaning London

"Number One Carpet Cleaning" is only a call away from performing worthy upholstery cleaning services. We work with the upholstery cleaners London customers are always satisfied with. Our equipment allows us to carry out the latest upholstery cleaning methods, which are all suitable for the entire myriad of upholstery fabrics there are.

If you're too tired of dealing not only with the regular tenancy cleaning chores, but you also have to figure out how to clean your sofa, you are in dire need of hiring the right upholstery cleaners. Not only will they manage to perform the sofa dry cleaning service flawlessly but their work will also improve the overall level of hygiene at your home.

Get in touch with us to book the upholstery cleaning service, which will bring back to life the appearance of any of your upholstery furniture but will also say goodbye to all the unwanted bacteria and grime that has been spread all over your comfy seating areas.

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