How to clean viscose rug?


If you are an avid interior design lover, then you know how important it is to have floor coverings which tie in perfectly with the overall style of the indoor space. Carpets are a great option, but there is a certain charm in the combination of wood flooring and different rugs. Many people prefer investing in rugs made out of more delicate fibers like real silk, bamboo silk and viscose rugs. Although they may be the best option for more trendy looking spaces, the maintenance of these rugs comes at a cost sometimes even higher than the price tag on the floor covering itself.

Having a new viscose rug at home means that the cleaning and grooming has its specifics which should be taken into closer consideration, before any sanitation treatment. However, the delicate nature of any viscose rug comes with a price - the manufacturing process is harmful to the environment, because of the chemicals used in the making of the semi synthetic fibre that is viscose.

Although carpet cleaning may seem like a hard enough task, try cleaning a viscose carpet or a rug of the same material and you'll see that the upkeeping of these floor coverings may be another reason why you will be discouraged to have them at your home.

How to take care of a viscose rug

It is very important to keep in mind that viscose rugs will gradually lose their brand new look and unlike the other more common rug materials like wool, the viscose won't retrieve it's initial appeal and softness. Therefore don't expect miracles when it comes to cleaning any viscose rug because it's known for having a very weak fibre which is prone to easier damage and discoloration.

Before we dig in the viscose rug cleaning advice, the most crucial tip one should adhere to is to put these types of rugs in areas where there's less foot traffic and the floor covering won't be exposed to either direct sunlight or moisture.

Although the short answer to how to clean a viscose rug should actually be to abstain from buying such "floor decor" and make a more convenient and environmentally friendly rug choice, one can hardly resist the impeccable appeal of the silk rug's biggest rival.

Here are a few viscose rug cleaning tips:

  • Avoid using water when cleaning and instead apply only acid and citric-based solutions, because they are the ones which will remove any yellow stains caused from different spills or even flood damage.
  • Because the viscose fibers are very absorbent, always use the least amount of cleaning solution when treating a stain.
  • Whenever you want to get rid of any smudges or stains, always blot as buch of the moisture as possible and then gently rub the surface but only in the direction of the pile and never back and forth.
  • Using fabric softener is also recommended, in order to prevent further stiffness of the fibres.
  • Don't use heat when drying the rug! If you can't hang it somewhere to air dry, you may use a hair dryer but only when it's on the cold air setting.
  • You may use a brush with very soft bristles to fluff up the fibres, but you can also take a spray bottle with water and mist just a tiny little bit of the liquid and then hand groom in the direction of the pile.
  • Don't vacuum the viscose rug because it will contribute to the further wearing out of the fabric, but if desperately needed, the vacuum machine should be put on the lowest setting possible.

"Number One Carpet Cleaning London"'s viscose rug cleaning expertise

The viscose rugs found on the market may be very appealing to one's eye because of the modern designs and the silky soft surface, but maintaining the condition of the weak fibre may sometimes be only possible when done by professionals.

Whether you are struggling with your weekly rug cleaning chores or your viscose rug is in dire need of some spot cleaning, our carpet and rug cleaning technicians are fully equipped and trained to both give your viscose rugs a deep clean and eliminate any unwanted blemishes from the surface.

If you have a dirty viscose rug at home which is in dire need of some sanitation treatment which won't be damaging and you are based in London then don't wait too long to seek our company's assistance! The sooner you contact us via the contact form on the right and book a professional rug cleaning service, the better results you'll get after our help which ensures quality and customer satisfaction.

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