Cleaning of water marks from a wool carpet in Wandsworth


The regular upkeep of your carpets is the key to having a cleaner and better looking home, however there are always unexpected circumstances which may be troubling our established routine. Staining is inevitable, especially if you have a carpet made out of organic materials, which are prone to faster and easier damage compared to their synthetic counterparts.

It is always better to opt for professional advice and assistance when you’re dealing with severe carpet staining. Sometimes the visible flaws on the surface are just a part of deeply rooted carpet damage.

Cleaning water stains on a wool carpet

The more you wait to treat any type of staining, the harder it will be to get rid of it with conventional cleaning supplies and methods.

A customer of “Number One Carpet Cleaning” had had a similar experience with water marks on their wool carpet, which was later saved by our carpet cleaners in Wandsworth SW18.

We all know that the typical English weather can lead to terrible sanitary mishaps at your very home. Due to heavy rains, there was some flooding in our client’s house, but since the carpet was only damp there were no deep cleaning procedures undertaken. It was thought to be a normal get wet and air dry situation until the client noticed that there were watermarks right at the place the flood had reached the carpeting.

water stains on wool carpet
dirty wool carpet
clean wool carpet

How to remove water marks from a carpet

Since a lot of time had passed and the blemishes had settled deeply into the carpet fibres, our team had to apply a special detergent with a stronger formula, which ensured successful stain removal. After we vacuumed the carpeting, the stain treatment was scrubbed deep into the wool fibres. Then we most literally continued the service with full steam by using the hot water extraction machine which ejected all the embedded dirt from the carpet. The steam cleaning procedure left the carpet slightly damp which is why we used a professional dryer to eliminate any moisture, which could create unwanted staining yet again.

Hire a professional carpet cleaning company in Wandsworth SW18

Our professional carpet cleaning service includes the appliance of modern machines and eco-friendly detergents, plus we always hire qualified carpet cleaners, who know how to get the job done properly.

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