What to know before steam cleaning your carpet


Having carpeted floors may be both stylish and practical for some, but it sure does come with disadvantages, too. Not only are carpets a great investment, they also need to be properly maintained in order to preserve their appearance and serve your home for as long as possible. Carpets are no joke when it comes to their regular upkeep - the different materials demand specific care and not all cleaning products and equipment you can find on the market will work for the type of carpets you have.

Committing to a carpet may sometimes seem like committing to a potential lifelong partner. At the beginning the looks they both serve are what initially draws our attention and then we decide to make our way closer to them - observe, touch and contemplate whether or not we shall be brave enough to invest our time and money, of course, into bringing them into our life. After you take a leap of faith, suddenly you two are cohabitating and now you finally realise that they, too, need attention and care while trying to fit in with the rest of the furniture.

Carpet cleaning for newbies

When you finally take the grand decision of carpeting your floors, the next big problem you will most definitely face is figuring out how to clean the carpeted areas. If you have pets, kids or simply you're the one who tends to be messy and then procrastinate doing your household chores, then you may even regret having carpets in the first place. However, nothing is impossible these days - there are tons of cleaning solutions which will help anyone have control over the sanitary condition of their carpets. And if you want to find the answers to all your carpet cleaning questions,

Carpet Steam Cleaning At home

All you need is a steam cleaner

Vacuuming is an essential part of your weekly upkeep sequence, but it won't be able to eliminate all the dirt and kill dust mites hidden between the carpet fibers. Steam cleaning is the quintessential carpet cleaning method which is compatible with most carpet materials. Thanks to the constant technological improvements, the carpet cleaning industry has also benefited from acquiring more advanced machinery. The steam cleaning machine has become one of the most used cleaning tools due to its convenience and disinfecting after effect. It has gained quite a bit of popularity not just among professional carpet cleaners but ordinary carpet owners, too.

How do steam cleaners function?

The steam cleaner, or as you may also hear it being called - the hot water extraction machine is an electric device which is designed to inject hot water and detergent deep into the carpet material and then instantly extracts all the filth stuck in your floor covering. Thanks to the high pressure that the machine creates, all the dirt is being immediately destroyed and then collected back, leaving a spotless surface. The steam that the machine produces helps with the eco-friendly disinfection of the carpets.

Bear in mind that if the steam cleaning is not done properly, your carpet may smell bad after cleaning. Check more info about that here - Smelly carpet after cleaning.

Steam Cleaning Carpets DIY

Reasons to steam clean carpets

The floors at home are the ones to collect all the dirt, regardless of its origin it always ends up on the carpet. And it is our job to make sure that the filth doesn't stay for too long partying between the carpet fibers. Here's a list of all the benefits steam cleaning has when it comes to the upkeep of your carpets:

  • Deep cleaning is a breeze - the steam cleaner ejects all the build up grime.
  • Has an anti-bacterial effect due to the hot steam.
  • Helps to remove stains.
  • Eliminates any dust mites living in the carpet fibers.
  • Prevents the spreading of allergens at home.
  • It is the most convenient environmentally friendly cleaning method.
  • Prolongs the carpet's life.
  • Leaves the surface of the entire carpet fresh and soft.

The Don'ts of steam cleaning carpets

Before finding out about all the versatile uses of a steam cleaner, one should be aware of the fact that it may not be the right cleaning solution for certain carpet materials and floor types. So, please, do your research before investing in this tool!

Forgetting to vacuum

Do not ever think that any cleaning tool will do wonders to your stained and dirty carpet all on its own. Preparing the surface for further treatment is a key step to achieving desirable results. Don't let your vacuum cleaner ever feel as though you have cheated on it with a fancier sanitising machine.

If you want to be sure that you are picking the best tools for your carpets make sure to check our guide here - How to choose the best carpet cleaning tools.

Proceeding without testing

Even if it is universally acknowledged that steam cleaning is suitable for the material of your carpet, you should always test before actually putting into action the hot water extraction machine. Always test the effects of the steam cleaning process on a small part of the carpet, in order to examine how the material reacts to the steam - it could lose its colour or the fibres could get damaged.

Steam cleaning in moist conditions

Using this machine in a humid environment is a big no-no, because the steam cleaner works best in a dry setting. Also at the end of the cleaning process, the carpet will still be damp and will need some time to air dry completely. However, if the environment prevents the carpet from drying quicker, there could be unpleasant consequences like the creation of mold and mildew.

"Number One Carpet Cleaning" is at your service

Buying a steam cleaner may seem like a great idea because you can use it not only to clean carpets and rugs, but also upholstered furniture pieces and other surfaces. However, you may experience some difficulties when putting the machine into action or you may not have enough time to give your carpets a deep clean.

Our carpet cleaning company has your back whenever you wish to have your carpet professionally treated. Whether you have to deal with pet stains, high foot traffic or other sanitary mishaps, we are one call away.

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