Why you should have your carpets professionally cleaned

“Number One Carpet Cleaning” is a company which provides a great range of cleaning services and over the last few years has expanded its business in London tremendously. Carpet cleaning is what we specialize in, that’s why our carpet cleaners in Hammersmith W6 are always busy. Once proven their ability to deal with any carpet problems, they are always on the go – giving any carpet a second life.

The advantages of professionally cleaned carpets

Living in a rented property doesn’t mean there’s a weight lifted off your shoulders – it’s not mine, so why bother maintaining it. Despite the fact that you’re paying to live in that space, you should still take care of it as though it was all yours. Sometimes the tenants forget to keep the place they currently live in in good conditions. So when they decide to move out of the property, all the sanitary misfortunes begin to unveil.

A very concerned landlord had contacted us exactly because of the mess his latest tenants had left behind after moving out. This large rental property Hammersmith was previously inhabited for quite a few years by tenants who did not take proper care of the carpets in the house. In fact, they had never had these carpets professionally cleaned. The results were disastrous – stains, visible traffic lines, discoloration of the fabric. Since that house was up for renting again, there was no way the landlord would allow his potential tenants to witness such disagreeable conditions.

We managed to secure him an appointment and calmed his anxiety over the current state of the carpets in his own property.

Professional carpet cleaning service

Living Room Carpet Cleaning
Living Room Carpet Cleaning After

The house in Hammersmith was, indeed, large, so our carpet cleaners had to be prepared for any circumstances. The inspection of all carpeted areas took some time but, thankfully, the carpet material was the same in the different rooms in the house. Although the landlord has informed us that the carpets looked incredibly terrible, our technicians were confident in the cleaning method they chose to deal with the dirt and the stains. Steam cleaning was the most suitable remedy to all these carpet misfortunes.

Vacuuming with the industrial carpet cleaner was not as easy as usual – there was a lot of dust and dirt covering the carpets. The next important step was to pre-treat all visible stains and take into consideration the origin of these blemishes. After rubbing a special solvent on all the problematic areas, the carpet cleaners proceeded with the steam cleaning. The hot water extraction machine shoots a mixture of hot water and carpet cleaning detergent straight into the fabric and then instantly withdraws all the grime collected in the carpet. The carpet in the living room was challenging to clean, because it was infested with so much grime that we had to steam clean it twice in order to achieve the needed result.

The outcome

Our customer was pleased to see all the carpets clean again – there were no stains or traffic lines left, the colour of the fabric was once again vibrant. The landlord told us that he was ready to re-carpet the floors in the house, if the cleaning procedure was not successful, but luckily there was no need for that.

If you are a landlord yourself and you are not happy with the conditions of the carpets in your rental properties, don’t stress too much – you should not immediately replace the carpets because most often the damage is repairable.

You should take care of the carpets in your home and believe us, having your carpets professionally cleaned from time to time is much cheaper than re-carpeting. Contact us here and let us treat your carpets properly.

Stairs Carpet Cleaning Before
Stairs Carpet Cleaning After