Wool rug off-site cleaning in Putney SW15


Shaggy wool rugs have always attracted people’s attention with their luscious piles of what it seems to be endless comfort and cosiness. However, these long-pile rugs are not only good at enhancing one room’s atmosphere, but also at accumulating massive amounts of dust and bacteria. Therefore many wool rug owners are in dire need of professional assistance when it comes to deep cleaning these beautiful, yet hard to upkeep floor coverings.

Off-site wool rug cleaning

A very loyal customer of “Number One Carpet Cleaning” in Putney SW15 had reached out to us because they had a playful dog at their home and couldn’t keep up with all the sanitation chores surrounding their four-legged friend. That's why they wanted to have their fluffy wool rug deep cleaned by professional rug cleaners. We offered them a Pick-up and drop off rug cleaning service and they gladly accepted this type of assistance.

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As we took the big and heavy rug from the given location, we transported it to our very own cleaning facility where we had all the machines and special detergents to treat the rugs with. This particular long-pile wool rug had stored an unimaginable amount of dirt and dust, which was the main reason we had to clean it off-site. Vacuuming, raking and airing out this massive rug pile would be unthinkable in a domestic environment. After the rug cleaners managed to take out all the embedded dust and grime, they then proceeded with steam cleaning and drying the floor covering. When the full treatment was completed, our team returned the now dirt-free rug to its owners.

Professional wool rug cleaning services Putney SW15

Maintaining a dense wool rug is not easy, even if there are no pets at home because their high piles are like magnets for loose dirt. Regardless of the environment this type of rug is located in, its upkeep would still require a lot of effort and resources on a regular basis. Our rug cleaning company in Putney SW15 - “Number One Carpet Cleaning” is just one call away from putting an end to your rug’s sanitation burdens.

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